Six surprising LEGO sets perfect for Halloween

With autumn leaves falling and a chill to the air, here are some surprising new LEGO sets to add a little twist to your Halloween decorating…

While there are plenty of LEGO sets inspired by all things spooky, from a bunch of Hocus Pocus in21341 Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage to the entire Monster Fighters theme, some recent releases can offer a few unusual additions to your autumn decorating. It doesn’t matter whether you want something small in between the carved pumpkins or a bigger LEGO centrepiece next to some spiders webs. Here are five LEGO sets that you can get right now in time for Halloween…

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71039 Marvel Series 2

Okay, so Collectible Minifigures aren’t a traditional LEGO set, but there are two in the latest Marvel series that are perfect for adding to a haunted house – or mansion. One of these is Werwolf by Night aka Jack Russell. He’s from the sinister short film also called Werewolf by Night, which is a great watch even if you’re not a Marvel fan. His brilliant minifigure features detailed fur printing and comes with a haunted ruby. Another option from this series is Agatha Harkness who wouldn’t look out of place in 40521 Mini Haunted Mansion. 

76249 Venomized Groot

Another Marvel entry who could look perfect on a spooky table centrepiece is 76249 Venomized Groot. Taken over by the hungry symbiote, his cuteness is replaced with a much more sinister appearance. Black bricks melt into Groot’s usual bark, plus he’s got a lot more limbs with plenty of LEGO tooth elements. If all that wasn’t creepy enough then Groot’s now got fangs and Venom’s eyes. If you don’t know about Marvel or Groot, you’ll find this set giving you the chills. 

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71455 Grimkeeper the Cage Monster

A few of the new LEGO DREAMZzz sets could easily double as Halloween decorations, but the advantage of 71455 Grimkeeper the Cage Monster is that this mech is relatively small. That means the Grimkeeper is easy to sneak onto a shelf or desk as a little creepy decoration – especially when a minifigure is trapped inside its cage. 

5008081 Pumpkin Storage Head

Another LEGO idea that isn’t a set is the new range of minifigure storage heads. There are three that are currently available; a pumpkin, a skeleton, and a zombie. The uses for these storage containers is practically endless, from a bowl of sweets to being used in apple bobbing. And once the Halloween decorations need to come down, then the storage heads can easily keep your seasonal bricks or sets safe. 

21248 The Pumpkin Farm

Do you wish that your pumpkins could last forever? After all the hard work that goes into carving them, it’s always sad having to throw the pumpkins away. But LEGO ones don’t have that problem! The Pumpkin Farm might be a Minecraft set, but the blocky building suits a pumpkin so well and it’s a good starting point for making your own designs. Not to mention there’s some exclusive Jack o’lantern bricks. 

76252 BatcaveShadow Box

If you’ve got the budget and want to go big with a LEGO display that’s got all the Halloween vibes then the recently released 76252 BatcaveShadow Box is the way to go. Made almost entirely from Batman’s signature black and very, very, very dark grey, this is a moody display piece. Plus with the bat logo standing out on the box it has a great gothic vibe. By adding a few plastic spiders and some fake webbing, then Wayne Manor’s basement is ready for Halloween. 

No matter whether you’re a Marvel fan or love playing Minecraft, there are quite a few LEGO sets that can be adapted for autumn decorating. Remember to tag Blocks on any of our social media channels so we can see your spooky LEGO displays! 

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