Four LEGO sets that are perfect for the fall season

The leaves are falling, and Blocks is jumping into some LEGO sets that will get you in the mood for the fall or autumn season.

Trees are turning all different shades and it’s cooling off outside, which means autumn is well on the way. Halloween may dominate fall décor, but there’s still plenty of LEGO sets that capture the spirit of fall outside of the holiday and fit right in next to pumpkin pie and freshly picked apples. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, takes a look at four LEGO sets perfect for some autumn building — so long as you’re careful not to lose any pieces in a pile of leaves.

10290 Pickup Truck

Part of the LEGO Icons lineup, 10290 Pickup Truck is simply an excellent model. Even fans who aren’t typically into large-scale LEGO vehicles can appreciate the masterfully designed sloping and detailing present on the truck. The dark red exterior is a highlight but far from all the Pickup Truck has to offer. The cabin is fully detailed and comes complete with a functioning steering wheel. While it would be a little challenging to actually drive the truck using the wheel, being able to position the front tires for display is a subtle but wonderful feature. 10290 is designed for use during ever season and includes plenty of fall-themed side builds. A board announcing the day’s harvest has a great design and plenty of pumpkins and other crops are ready to be loaded into the truck’s bed.

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60287 Tractor

Simple yet effective, 60287 Tractor is a great addition to any fall harvest. The tractor itself is an excellent little build, especially considering that it utilizes fewer than 150 pieces. Two hay bales and a handful of crops may not be the most bountiful harvest the farmer has ever seen, but they’re a welcome inclusion as a little set dressing. Two minifigures and a tiny white rabbit round out the set and make it a great value at an affordable price.

21338 A-Frame Cabin

Fall is the perfect season for some outdoor adventures, and 21338 A-Frame Cabin captures a picturesque cabin out in the woods. The earthy tones that make up the cabin situate it perfectly out in the woods, and the details help to elevate it to another level. Colourful frees decorate the side of the cabin and add some fall flair. There’s plenty of interior space to make your minifigures nice and cosy, as well as on the porch for them to enjoy a delightful autumn evening outside after a long day of exploring the woods.

21318 Tree House

If your minifigures aren’t quite satisfied with a holiday in 21338 A-Frame Cabin, 21318 Tree House is sure to be a hit. The Tree House comes with a staircase winding up its mighty trunk, leading to three separate little huts up in the leaves. Even though each room is relatively small, they all come filled to the brim with quaint details, including a bathroom and lovingly decorated bedroom. A picnic table sits by the base of the tree, giving minifigures the option to spend some time on the ground as well. Two sets of leaves are included—one for summer and another for fall. The autumn leaves are a wonderful mix of yellow and orange and look beautiful when sitting atop the tree. A family of four minifigures is included to round out the scene.

All the sets listed are available now at and are sure to add a perfect touch of fall to your LEGO collection.

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