Professional footballers team up with the LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is continuing to encourage girls to get involved with football by enlisting professional players Rachel Daly, Lauren Hemp, Sam Kerr and Beth Mead in Play Unstoppable FC.

Following the launch of 40634 Icons of Play, the LEGO Group is encouraging girls to play football as part of a marketing push dubbed ‘Play Unstoppable’. The company’s research found that 82% of girls think it’s okay for girls to play football and 71% of boys share that view.

Beth Mead, Sam Kerr, Rachel Daly and Lauren Hemp are part of the campaign, which seeks to ‘arm young girls with the self-belief, resilience and practical skills they need to help break down barriers to play, both on and off the pitch.’

Last year, the England women’s national football team won the UEFA Championship, resulting in a huge surge in interest in the tournament within the UK.

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The LEGO Group will work with Arsenal WFC, Aston Villa WFC and Chelsea FC Women to run interactive workshops this Autumn, which will be supported by online content.

‘To get to where I am in my career today, I’ve definitely had to learn the art of resilience,’ says Manchester City’s Lauren Hemp. ‘It’s all about making sure you’ve got the confidence and self-belief to get back up again when you suffer knocks, and coming out the stronger for it. I’m thrilled to be partnering with the LEGO Group to help empower young girls through play to be whoever they want to be.’

‘We know that girls are an unstoppable force when they are given the freedom to express themselves fully and play without limits,’ says LEGO Head of Marketing Isabel Graham. ‘This is why we’re committed to helping break down barriers to play and are excited to launch “Unstoppable FC” in partnership with inspirational stars of women’s football.’

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