Presenting Blocks: 100 Incredible LEGO Builds

Learn about the new special one-off magazine, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds – celebrating creativity with LEGO bricks, guest edited by LEGO Head of Design Matthew Ashton with contributions from the LEGO design team.

As we started to think about what we could do to mark 100 issues of Blocks magazine, I was really keen that we focus on the incredible creativity of the LEGO fan community. It occurred to me that the best way to do so would be to go back through every issue of the magazine we’ve ever published and pick out a lovely mix of builds to demonstrate just how talented LEGO fans are.

But that wouldn’t be enough. We needed a twist to make it super special and really acknowledge what is special about the brilliant MOCs that these builders have created.

Then it occurred to me – we needed a guest editor. And one name sprung to mind.

Despite being ridiculously busy, LEGO Head of Design Matthew Ashton kindly agreed to guest edit Blocks: 100 Incredible LEGO Builds. To have the man who came up with Collectible Minifigures, worked on The LEGO Movie and its sequel, kicked off the role of LEGO Masters judge and had his hands on hundreds of LEGO sets guest edit Blocks magazine is a real honour.

But when Matthew gets involved, he doesn’t come solo. He brings the LEGO design team with him. So this edition of Blocks does not just have a big name guest editor, there’s a whole team of guest contributors whose names you will recognise – these are the people who design the LEGO models that you build. And they are bringing their expertise and commenting on the builds in this special magazine, explaining what makes these MOCs unique.

Here is the dream team that came together to provide commentary throughout 100 Incredible LEGO Builds:

Design Master Wes Talbott
Head of Design Governance Tara Wike
Senior Designer Adam Grabowski
Design Manager Sam Johnson
Design Master Mike Psiaki
Designer Ollie Gregory
Design Master Marcos Bessa
Designer Laura Perron
Senior Designer Mark Stafford
Design Manager Fiorella Groves
Designer Chris McVeigh
Head of Design (New Business) William Thorogood
Designer George Gilliatt
Experience Design Manager Specialist Nicolaas Vás
Designer Jme Wheeler
Senior Designer Justin Ramsden

To be able to acknowledge talented LEGO fans in this way is really special and I’m delighted with how this one-off issue has turned out. As you flick through it, you’ll find LEGO builds big and small, realistic and fantastical, original and movie inspired… there’s a broad mix of models from all over the world. When you have finished flicking through the 132 pages, you are sure to find yourself inspired to go and grab your bricks.

Here’s a big, public thank you to Matthew and the LEGO design team for being part of Blocks magazine’s celebration of 100 issues. And an even bigger thank you to every LEGO builder out there who exercises their creativity and has been inspiring us for 100 editions of Blocks magazine.

Graham Hancock
Editor, Blocks magazine

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