LEGO Ninja Vlogs bring NINJAGO characters to life with mo-cap

Children will have a new way to connect with LEGO NINJAGO thanks to a new series of Ninja Vlogs that the LEGO Group is launching today.

Jay and Nya will be brought to life using motion capture and real life rendering in the new Ninja Vlogs, making it a significant technological step for the LEGO Group. The characters from NINJAGO will present stories about their adventures, showcase children’s builds and set build challenges.

Motion capture is the process of taking an actor’s performance and mapping it onto an animated character, while real time rendering means that the process happens live, rather than the animation being produced later. According to the press release, this means ‘minifigures come to life in a completely fresh way, drawing from the subtle nuances of the actors’ movements and performance quality’.

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All of the interaction that children can do with the Ninja Vlogs will take place within the LEGO Life app, which is a carefully curated space that allows them to share their creations without compromising their privacy.

‘With these vlogs, we’re shifting from broadcasting to LEGO NINJAGO fans to having a rich conversation with them,’ says Victoria Knauf, Associate Content Manager, Kids Engagement at the LEGO Group. ‘The characters in the vlogs react to the real-life LEGO creations, opinion polls and dialogue created amongst viewers, allowing children to be at the heart of the experience by adding their own perspectives and ideas.’

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Here’s the official description of what viewers can expect:

Throughout the series, Jay and Nya explore a menacing and dangerous new world which few have ever visited. But things are not always as they seem: statues that appear static come alive, dangerous dragons reveal their soft side, and the Keepers who appear hostile turn out to be friendly protectors. Along the journey, kids can use their creativity and imagination to help Nya and Jay by building their own creations to be added to the story, creating memes and adding their own comments via the LEGO Life app.

Press release

The first episode is coming today, with subsequent episodes every two Fridays.

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