LEGO fan designs available now from BrickLink MOC Pop-Up Store

BrickLink is piloting the MOC Pop-Up Store, a new way for fans to buy LEGO designs created by other enthusiasts.

The old MOC Shop contest has been revived at BrickLink, where fans can now buy one another’s LEGO designs. A select numbers of MOC instructions are available to buy – users can then choose whether to buy the loose bricks to build with from BrickLink Marketplace or’s Pick a Brick service.

The pilot scheme will run until mid-November, at which point the BrickLink team will see how things have gone and where the concept should go next.

The following 41 fan designs are available now. These are MOCs that didn’t make it into BrickLink Designer Program Series 1:

  • Medieval Street by letsgolegobrick
  • Modular Apartments by avila
  • Medieval Joiner’s Workshop by Leewan
  • Forest Citadel by jazlecraz
  • The Crimson Outpost by brickjester
  • Stables & Inn by thepresident14
  • The Lost Temple by Brickproject
  • Lennox Castle by charlesp1138
  • Medieval Market by NicolasCarlier
  • Working Mini Golf Course by TheKingOfLEGO
  • The Secret of the Japanese Castle by AdmiraltyBrick
  • Glass Studio by MingBrick
  • The Secret Inn by IL_CERUTTI_GINO
  • Medical Office by castor_troy
  • Caravan Theatre by NicolasCarlier
  • City Library by NicolasCarlier
  • Medieval Stonemasons Guild by Arselus
  • Imperial Brig by Arselus
  • The Grand Public Library by lord_bricker
  • Winter Fish & Supply by old_collector
  • Brachiosaurus Altithorax by Bluedatraptor
  • Medieval Marketplace by BixBricks
  • Black Biplane by EmanueLego
  • Container House by ExeSandbox
  • The Epic Space Mecha of Blacktron by MR.YJ
  • Retro Ant Habitat by timtoon
  • The Mars Outpost by lotsominifig
  • Boogie Boombox by iprice
  • Downtown Loft by STL_Brick_Co
  • Giant Tiger Prawn by midian454
  • Ode to Youth: Skateboard Adventures by ericlego321
  • Scaled 3X Horse by kk_bricks
  • Robio 2024 by Vulcanus
  • Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive by ties25
  • Space Museum by JulianKlix
  • Corner Ice Cream Parlor by daimonetto
  • The Arcade by boog
  • MPV Reliant by giorgioChronas
  • Small Shinto Shrine by Jirdan
  • Apollo Motel by Carbohydrates
  • Hello Winter by BeilbyBricks

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