Three franchises from LEGO Dimensions that deserve their own sets

LEGO Dimensions brought characters into the brick that fans never thought possible – but some still haven’t made an appearance beyond the game. Here are three Dimensions franchises deserving of their own LEGO sets.

When it launched in 2015, LEGO Dimensions faced a mixed reception from fans. The gameplay was near identical to other LEGO games, save for the fact that character unlocks were now behind a very steep paywall and came with physical LEGO bricks alongside the digital content. The characters included in the expansion packs were based on both existing and new IPs, giving fans a variety of characters to choose from.

Some of the new characters were inclued in sets later down the road, while others were released only in a LEGO Dimensions expansion pack. With Sonic the Hedgehog earning himself a full wave of sets in 2023, Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, takes a look at three other LEGO Dimensions franchises that would be perfect for their own sets.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time skyrocketed to stardom in the early 2010s, becoming many a child’s favourite cartoon. The show joined LEGO Dimensions in Year 2 with three different packs and a total of four characters, including Jake the Dog and Lumpy Space Princess in 71246 Adventure Time Team Pack. Adventure Time has a LEGO Ideas set with brick-built figures, but it has yet to earn itself anything other than that.

Since the show ended in 2018, it’s probably too late to expect a run of regular sets to appeal to today’s kids, but LEGO Icons would be a solid option for Adventure Time. The kids who watched the show when it aired are now grown up and right in the target audience for that line of sets. The iconic treehouse is a perfect location to capture in the brick and would certainly make for an impressive model.

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Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible may not seem like the best fit for the LEGO world, given the franchise’s violent nature, but nevertheless, Ethan Hunt found himself in LEGO Dimensions with 71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack. With seven films currently in the series and an eighth on the way, there are plenty of options for LEGO sets. The films are packed with exciting set pieces, from the iconic vault scene in the first film to the HALO jump in Fallout.

Recreating these epic action scenes in the brick would be tricky but could make for some incredible sets. Both traditional playsets and 18+ models would work well for the franchise. Playsets would be perfect to recreate Ethan Hunt’s adventures across the globe while 18+ sets would allow for fans to have intricate display pieces of their favourite scenes. And with Dead Reckoning Part Two coming to theatres soon, there’s no better time for the LEGO Group to return to the franchise.

Midway Arcade

One of the more unique entries in the LEGO Dimensions lineup, Gamer Kid arrived in the 71235 Midway Arcade Level Pack. The character himself isn’t particularly interesting, short of the exclusive torso print, but the games he accompanied could make for some great sets based on nostalgic arcade games.

The LEGO Group has shown that the company isn’t afraid to dive into the world of video games, with 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System and 10323 PAC-MAN Arcade both showing the potential of the subject matter. Midway Arcade presents a variety of options for new video game sets. Spy Hunter could work well as a mix of 71374 and 10323, with an arcade cabinet and scrolling feature, and a game like Rampage could even work as a standalone display piece. Even just upscaling the two builds included in the Level Pack would result in two solid sets.

LEGO Dimensions may have fizzled out more than five years ago, but the game introduced some amazing IPs to the LEGO world. The recent LEGO Sonic releases show that the LEGO Group hasn’t forgotten about the franchises in the game, and it’s about time some of them get their chance to shine with their own sets.

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