LEGO Education unveils 45345 SPIKE Essential Set

LEGO Education has announced 45345 SPIKE Essential Set, a new product for primary school students. It is designed to teach children concepts through and play and problem solving, with STEAM concepts at the heart of the new educational set.

SPIKE Essential will deliver the experience that older children have at an age-appropriate level. It includes both the SPIKE technology based elements and the non-technological BricQ Motion pieces. Each kit is designed for two students and includes 449 elements, with 40 lessons.

Recently, Education sets have been made available at

Here’s the official product description:

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential combines standards-aligned curriculum units, colourful LEGO elements, a simple coding progression, and intelligent hardware. With the STEAM learning units students of all levels are fully engaged as everything is easily adaptable to any learning environment, making it fast and simple for you and your students to get started and begin learning.

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‘With the launch of SPIKE Essential we are delighted to introduce a complete learning system that enriches the teaching and learning experience. At a time when everyone is rethinking learning, we believe the LEGO Learning System will spark joy and a love of learning in students that never stops,’ says LEGO Education President Esben Staerk.

‘When students can progress step-by-step, it builds a strong foundation and knowledge base that can be expanded and deepened year after year. LEGO Education developing the LEGO Learning System to do exactly that and so much more. It is truly exciting to see a systematic approach to STEAM learning that is playful, scalable and engaging,’ said Natalie Frady, a Computer Science teacher from Georgia, USA.

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