LEGO A Really Cool World arrives in London’s Covent Garden

To tie in with the big Christmas advert this year, the LEGO Group has presented A Really Cool World in Covent Garden, London. Blocks magazine has been along to check it out and give fans a taste of what the installation has to offer.

The LEGO Group has teamed up with Covent Garden, London’s tourist destination, to offer a special outdoor experience – A Really Cool World. It’s inspired by the new Christmas advert that sees children building with LEGO bricks, before their imagination blows it up to be something bigger and more epic than what’s in front of them.

Each enormous model or oversized element in the exhibition is accompanied by lyrics from the adaptation of It’s a Wonderful World used in the television ad. It starts with a Christmas tree growing sausages, moves on to a mosaic of a blue horse before paying a visit to Iron Man who is dramatically blasting off. Then there’s a princess knight – up for a fight.

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Another display depicts the ad’s car chase, before a giant model shows a dinosaur avoiding a meteorite. A smaller model sees the AT-AT taking a nap, while the grandma’s LEGO duck moment is captures by a bath filled with blue bricks. The big closer is a LEGO DOTS dancefloor, designed as a video or photo op.

Some of the models have appeared elsewhere before, but it’s free to visit – you just need to book an advance ticket at the Covent Garden website. What’s more, for those who aren’t local to London, there’s a virtual walkthrough version so everyone can enjoy it.

Elsewhere in Covent Garden, there’s a LEGO Christmas tree nestled among the real ones, as well as models of LEGO Super Mario and Santa Claus himself. It’s not all LEGO bricks though, as there is also the enormous Christmas tree to admire and decorations all around the square – while much of Central London has a nice holiday atmosphere, Covent Garden is one of the very best spots for feeling festive.

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