If you were a LEGO minifigure, which set would you live in?

Maybe you made a wish upon a shooting star or put a LEGO piece under your pillow. Whatever you did, it worked! You’re now a four centimetre tall LEGO minifigure … and there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, you’re a minifigure without a home to call your own in a world where teeth marks are the least of your worries.

As you scour the LEGO housing market before it fully falls to pieces, you may want some recommendations. Blocks magazine is excited to showcase three iconic sets you might enjoy living in. Please let us know your dream ‘LEGO home’ in the comments – we love to read them. Now, get ready to dive right into that mortgage!

21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay – For Adventurous Types

Avast scallywag! Are ye looking for adventure on and off the seven seas? This home be a wreck, literally, and what a home it is! From Jose’s Inn to the Captain’s Quarters meet-and-greet, ye’ll never be a-bored! There’s nothing more heart-pounding than sea as far as the aye can see, and tons of loot to plunder. The best part? Ye’ll be in the company of pirates! There be a limited number of beds, so be prepARRRRRed to share!

What could be more exciting than living with a group of swashbucklers? As the largest set on this list, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay is stuffed with classic LEGO Pirates references, gorgeous fabric sails, and tons of surfaces for minifigures to be placed. The detail here is beyond anything ever seen from the LEGO Pirates theme, even pushing 2010’s 10210 Imperial Flagship out to sea.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this LEGO Ideas set is its two-in-one feature. By rearranging the shipwreck, the model can be transformed from a hideaway into the infamous Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship, a remake of one of The LEGO Group’s most iconic sets. There’s no need to fully rebuild this enormous set, which comes in at 2,545 pieces.

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6416 Poolside Paradise – For Social Butterflies

Courtesy of Brickset

Of course, if you’re a house party animal, you’re going to love living in set 6416 Poolside Paradise. This island abode is anything but lonely, with enough room for all your LEGO amigos, a white and pink design that’ll warm your plastic heart, and palm trees that never sway in the breeze. Best of all, the faithful butler, mocking parrot and single-seater car come with the house! All you’ll need is a valet for that massive driveway.

Paradisa was an iconic subtheme of LEGO Town that ran from 1992 to 1997. It was arguably a precursor to the modern LEGO Friends sets. Both are squarely rooted in the LEGO Group’s System, featured shades of pink and purple, and added signature style to everyday designs. Each theme has fun accessories, though Paradisa seems to favour martini glasses and coffee cups. No one tells these minifigures it’s only 3.00pm.

6416 Poolside Paradise may be made from just 229 pieces, but there are tons of opportunities for play. It also features a 32×32 baseplate in a soft light green colour with stairs and an in-ground pool, as per its namesake. A little-known fact is the baseplate was later used for 6776 Ogel Control Centre from the Alpha Team theme, and of course, the iconic 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise from Adventurers.

21338 A-Frame Cabin – For Nature Lovers

Ah, solitude. Nothing beats good old-fashioned peace and quiet, unless the clacking sound of typewriter keys breaks your tranquillity. It’s surrounded by forest for miles, yet it comes with everything you need to feel comfortable in the wild. It’s gorgeous, even without indoor bathrooms and plumbing! That’s right – just you, the soap, and the bugs! It’s – wait, where are you going? I haven’t even talked about the canoe!

21338 A-Frame Cabin is the perfect relaxing model for AFOLs, featuring the ample detail we’ve come to expect from LEGO Ideas. Beneath the porch are multiple Mjolnir hammers (Thor’s hammer from the Marvel sets) portraying a heavy stone foundation that can be found in the fan design and the final LEGO product. Gorgeous, tall trees and a handful of wild animals surround the house. It contains 2,065 parts, meaning it’ll take some time to build before moving in.

LEGO Ideas is constantly pumping out some of the LEGO Group’s best sets. 21310 Old Fishing Store, 21318 Treehouse, and now 21338 A-Frame Cabin are revered by fans, and for good reason. Blocks magazine goes fully in-depth with the A-Frame Cabin in Issue 101, including an interview with fan designer Andrea Lattanzio and the LEGO design team, as well as a full review. Don’t forget to read about six of the set’s greatest easter eggs by clicking here.

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