Six Easter eggs in LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin

With LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame cabin recently revealed, Blocks is taking a closer look at some of the references in the upcoming set.

Nestled within the trees of the forest, blending into the rustic landscape, 21338 A-Frame Cabin is one of the quaintest sets to be offered in the LEGO Ideas theme. The perfect getaway for minifigures wanting to escape the city, or just as an excuse to explore the wilderness, it is a homage to the outdoors. 

Designed by super talented LEGO fan Andrea Lattanzio, 21338 is very similar to its original concept design and features some ingenious techniques to achieve its unique shape. Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is grabbing a magnifying glass to take a closer look at some of the Easter eggs found within…

Thor’s hammer

This piece of the design grabbed a lot of attention in the original concept model and no wonder. Using dozens of Thor’s hammer elements from the LEGO Marvel theme to make a wall is one of the most inspired uses of this piece yet. It’s difficult to tell how the wall is built, but it must be a legal connection for the LEGO designers to have kept it. 

Death’s head moth

Although it may have a rather dark sounding name, these moths are actually named for their clever camouflage to deter predators. All of the LEGO butterflies, which are doubling as moths, sport a very intricate printing design that looks incredibly similar and matches the overall autumnal aesthetic of the set. 

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21327 Typewriter 

A little meta Easter egg included on the desk on the ground floor is a typewriter, which is likely a reference to 21327 Typewriter. The keys are printed onto a 1×2 cheese slope while a 1×2 white tile recreates a blank sheet of paper. Maybe one of the included minifigures has writer’s block? 

Outdoor plumbing 

While it may be very cosy and comfortable, it appears that this cabin also has outdoor plumbing. These minifigures are going to have to be pretty intrepid. Around the back of the cabin a LEGO car door element doubles as some unwound toilet paper and a pink round tile recreates some soap for hand washing (Editor’s note: couldn’t we have assumed it’s a towel to go with the shower?!).

It’s an otter! 

The LEGO designers have made a lot of cute animals in the brick, with last year’s new squirrel mould stealing the show in every City set. However, the new otter may just take that crown. It is utterly adorable and though 21338 may be its debut, hopefully it will swim into many more models. 

Is that a tree house? 

A tree house in a house made from trees. In the bedroom on the second floor there looks to be a tiny rendition of yet another LEGO Ideas model and that’s 21318 Tree House. It uses a LEGO stem element for the branches, but its the dark blue tiles for the house roofs that really give it away. The spare bricks surrounding it may even be a nod to the different seasons represented in 21318. 

That’s all we noticed from the official images, but there are likely going to be some more hidden forest gems when 21338 A-Frame Cabin hits shelves on February 1. Be sure to tag Blocks when you’re building because we’d love to see this set on display or some of the build in progress. 

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