How do I get my LEGO magazine in the mail?

To get your LEGO magazine in the mail every month, take out a subscription and you can just sit back and wait for it to turn up.

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, turns up in the mail every single month when you take out a print subscription. It’s so much easier than going to the shops and – to make it even better – you get the magazine before it arrives on store shelves.

Here’s how it works. You choose from a 12-month print subscription, a 24-month subscription, a gift subscription bundle and a t-shirt/binder subscription bundle. Click ‘add to basket’, follow the order through – and that’s it! Then you can just sit back and wait for the LEGO magazine to turn up in the mail.

If you’re impatient though, you can also enjoy the magazine digitally for FREE as part of your subscription package. So you can read the monthly LEGO magazine on your device if you don’t want to carry the paper copy around. You also get these additional perks;

  • Subscriptions save you money on buying individual LEGO magazines
  • You are entered into a monthly prize draw to win an awesome LEGO prize
  • You get exclusive discounts on select Blocks merchandise

Click here to find out more about when the monthly LEGO magazine will turn up in the mail.  

Inside Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, you’ll find 116 pages of high quality content to enhance your LEGO experience. This isn’t marketing puffery, this isn’t a thin magazine with a little LEGO set on the front, this is a LEGO magazine written by fans, for fans. You’ll enjoy in-depth interviews with professional LEGO designers, the most amazing fan creations from around the world, exclusive instructions showing how to build unique LEGO models, reviews of the latest LEGO sets and much, much more.

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