How often are LEGO magazines released?

Blocks is the LEGO magazine for fans of the brick and new issues are released monthly. Find out more about how often this LEGO magazine is released and when you’ll be able to find it.

Every month, a new issue of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is released. There are 12 issues each year. It contains 116 pages, packed with the latest LEGO content; there’s news, reviews, build guides, behind-the-scenes features, interviews with LEGO designers, spotlights on the latest community contests and much, much more.

If the official LEGO magazines with the little sets on the front are too lightweight for you and don’t enrich the hobby, then this is the upgrade you need.

On the last Friday of every month, the new issue of Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is unveiled at this very website. You can order it then. Subscribers will start to receive their copies around this time.

On the first Thursday of every month, that issue we announced will be available on UK newstands. You can go into branches of WH Smith, Sainsbury’s and Tesco to buy the monthly LEGO magazine. You can also order in to your local newsagent.

One month later, international territories get Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine. Barnes & Noble in the USA stocks it as do other independentn retailers. You can have it ordered in to any magazine stockist.

The quickest way to get Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is to take out a print subscription. You get the magazine before it arrives in stores; in the UK, you get it a few days before it lands on UK shelves; elsewhere in the world, you get it a few days after it shows up in UK store – but a couple of weeks before it arrives in international stores.

Print subscribers also get a free digital subscription. The digital issue launches on the first Thursday of every month – so international subscribers can read it while waiting for a paper copy. That digital subscription also includes every numbered issue of the magazine ever published.

Additional perks for subscribers include discounted prices, free entry into a monthly prize draw and select discounts on Blocks merchandise. Check out subscription deals here.