Four LEGO sets that are perfect for summer

Summer means lots of time for fun in the sun and there are plenty of LEGO sets that perfectly capture picturesque summer scenes.            

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year for favourite outdoor activities, from building sand castles on the beach to enjoying an evening out in the garden. And there’s perhaps no better place to build a new LEGO set than outside in the fresh summer air — so long as you’re careful to hold onto all the pieces.            

Quite a few LEGO themes have some summer-themed offerings, from Creator to Friends, all showcasing a different slice of the summer life. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, lists four LEGO sets perfect for some summer building.    

31138 Beach Camper Van            

A beach holiday is an annual tradition for many families and 31138 Beach Camper Van has everything you need to enjoy a day by the sea. The main model features a camper van packed with fun details and plenty of space for the two included minifigures and everything they need to hit the waves. Two beach huts and a palm tree are a nice addition to complete the scene. The two alternate models, an ice cream shop and a beach house, are both solid options to rebuild the set, offering some great variety all within in one box.  

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31118 Surfer Beach House            

If the alternate build of 31138 Beach Camper Van doesn’t satisfy your itch for a LEGO beach house, 31118 Surfer Beach House may be right for you. The titular model comes with two stories, plenty of balconies from which to enjoy the ocean breeze and four sea creatures for the minifigures to meet — a dolphin, two turtles and a crab.            

The alternate builds include a small lighthouse with an adorable little boat, and a smaller beach house accompanied by a swimming pool. While the main beach house is the standout of the three, 31118 once again offers three great options, letting you line the oceanfront with whichever building you like most.  

60363 Ice-Cream Shop            

There’s nothing quite like a big cone of ice cream to cap a long day out at the beach. And 60363 Ice-Cream Shop delivers everything you could want for the ideal ice cream shop experience. A minifigure dressed up as the store mascot scoops the ice cream in a well-detailed interior and the inviting outdoor seating offers a perfect spot to enjoy a cone.            

60363 may not be a 3-in-1 model, but the build of the shop is more than satisfying. Curved windows add some interesting shaping to the building, a giant ice cream cone sits on top, and fun colours really pull the whole build together — including some melting stripes of ice cream dripping down the side.  

41751 Skate Park            

Summer isn’t just for the beach; there’s plenty of other fun ways to spend a sunny day, with 41751 Skate Park being a great choice. The set comes complete with a bunch of different ramps and rails for the mini-dolls to use for some tricks. A little skate shop accompanies the park, and while it’s by no means a super detailed building, its vibrant colours make it a perfect backdrop for a long day of skating. Three mini-dolls are included and each has a unique set of wheels, allowing for good diversity not only in appearance, but also for play.            

Whether you’re a fan of the beach or just craving a cone of ice cream, there’s plenty of options for summer-themed LEGO sets to add to your collection. Your minifigures will certainly appreciate a holiday.

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