Five biggest LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series sets  

Take a look at the five biggest LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets ever released! There have been some enormous Star Wars vehicles released in the super-detailed range over the past 20 plus years…

Judge me by my size, do you? As you should, in the case of the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS). Though most LEGO UCS sets are big hits, even without an enormous piece count, none can surpass the majesty of these giants.   As you’ll see, the list below is dominated by minifigure scale sets, with just one flagship entry that would look odd with a minifigure inside.

The interest in massive models only seems to be growing – even outside of LEGO Star Wars with landmark sets like the LEGO Icons 10307 Eiffel tower and 10294 Titanic. It’s no shock – LEGO fans are expecting models with supreme detail and lengthy builds, and that’s exactly what they’re getting for their dollar. Here are the five largest Ultimate Collector Series sets released to date.  

6. 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer – 4,784 pieces

Here’s a mind-bendingly large model and the longest UCS set on our list. No matter your opinion on its stability, 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer goes the distance at 109 centimetres long. As a remake of 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer from 2002, which infamously used weak magnets to hold itself together, it’s a vast improvement on the LEGO Group’s previous design. With its amazing shaping delivered through a rigid interior frame and Nice Parts Usage (NPU) delivering greebling with frying pans, levers and ingots, there’s plenty to enjoy.

5. 10179 Millennium Falcon – 5,197 pieces

When it was released in 2007 for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, this was the largest set ever. In 2008 though,10189 Taj Mahal went even larger. This model is the close precursor to the larger and eternally popular 75192 Millennium Falcon. Needless to say, 10179 Millennium Falcon was revolutionary for its time. It became a staple in LEGO Star Wars fans’ homes – if you could afford one, you simply couldn’t go without one. New, sealed copies go for thousands on the aftermarket, while you’ll still pay dearly for a used copy. It even came in a first edition, which included a certificate of authenticity to confirm that. Now that’s deluxe!

4. 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser – 5, 374 pieces

It’s unsurprising that fans are familiar with the Venator, as the kinetic opening shot of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith sees Obi-Wan and Anakin flying across its surface in their Jedi Starfighters. It has appeared many times throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is even bigger than 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, the ship that it is the precursor to in the Star Wars galaxy. With its signature arrow-head shape and red striping across the ship, this is a set that fans have been desperately hoping would appear for years. And what better time to be released than the 20th anniversary of The Clone Wars? It’s only fitting that it’s also the debut of Admiral Yularen (Republic era) as a minifigure sporting his signature moustache.

3. 75331 The Razor Crest – 6,187 pieces

If you’re on the hunt for bounties, you’ll want 75331 The Razor Crest on your side. This pre-Empire ship may have eluded many villains before its untimely destruction, but it’s a popular set with fans – even if it’s overshadowed by other large models. With a full interior, amazing building techniques, and four exclusive minifigures out of five, it’s a real catch. It’s an impressive 72 centimetres long and 50 centimetres wide, so you’ll want plenty of space to fit this in your display. That’s only slightly smaller than 75192 Millennium Falcon.

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2. 75313 AT-AT – 6,785 pieces

This lumbering, walking tank is almost impenetrable (unless you target the exposed neck or leg joints, as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back). It’s a different story for plastic, but 75313 AT-AT is nonetheless a unique and surprisingly playable model. IDespite its size, it’s detailed inside and out, with greebling going all the way underneath the main body. The interior features no less than 40 sand blue seats waiting for Snowtroopers to sit on them. The legs can be posed with an included brick-built tool, and it comes with nine minfigures for roleplaying – more than any other Ultimate Collector Series model on this list. It’s the perfect addition to your Snowtrooper army.  

1. 75192 Millennium Falcon – 7,541 pieces

This Star Wars icon is more than just a hunk of junk. She’s one of the most sought-after LEGO Star Wars models ever and the theme’s largest set. Fans and scruffy-looking nerfherders alike will marvel at its detailed hull, exciting building techniques and eight minifigures, offering the sequel trilogy and original trilogy crews in one box. There’s even a swappable radar dish and removable mandible ‘locks’ to match either timeframe, a thoughtful choice by the LEGO designers. Though it’s too new to be a white whale, this set is a holy grail for many ardent Star Wars fans.

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