Five LEGO Super Mario Characters fans need 

With the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the Super Mario franchise is as popular as ever. Still, there are numerous LEGO Super Mario characters that still need to be made… 

LEGO Super Mario has been going for a few years now, but there are so many colourful characters for the theme to offer still.

The LEGO Group has produced plenty of minor characters like Birdio and Nabbit, but there are still so many major Super Mario characters missing. Soon, the adventurous gorilla Donkey Kong will join other LEGO Super Mario characters like Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi in brick-built form. This begs the question – who’s next? 

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, picks out five Super Mario characters that could be made next. 

Diddy Kong 

Sporting his iconic red Nintendo hat, Diddy Kong is the cheerful sidekick and best friend of Donkey Kong. Due to his smaller size, Diddy Kong could either be released as a side character in a set, or individually in a Super Mario character pack. Diddy Kong’s release is highly likely, primarily due to Donkey Kong’s imminent arrival.  


The loud, boisterous, and crude Wario is Mario’s polar opposite- which makes him so much fun! An antagonist (and sometimes anti-hero) Wario starred as the protagonist of his own games. Due to his similarity to Mario, an electric version similar to Mario would be ideal. The LEGO Group is still releasing electric characters, and the original 71360 Adventures with Mario is still available. Just think of all the sound effects LEGO Wario could have! 

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If Wario is Mario’s opposite, then Waluigi has a similar relationship to Luigi. Waluigi is a troublemaker – if Wario is ever made by the LEGO Group, then Waluigi is sure to be close by. His thin build might make it seem he isn’t suitable for an electronic figure, but that didn’t stop the LEGO Group from making the thin and taller Luigi in 71387 Adventures with Luigi. Anyways, who wouldn’t want to have adventures with Waluigi? 

Princess Daisy 

While Princess Peach is the more iconic Nintendo princess, Princess Daisy doest trail too far behind. She features flower-based clothing, and even though she has only appeared in a few games, Princess Daisy has amassed plenty of fans. An electronic figure would be the obvious choice from translating this character into LEGO form, and would ideally look very similar to Princess Peach, as featured in 71403 Adventures with Peach Starter Course. 


Rosalina represents an untapped source from the world of Super Mario that the LEGO Group has yet to explore; Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina protects the cosmos from the Comet Observatory as seen in the games and serves as a guide for Mario during his adventures in space. Rosalina could be more easily represented as a brick-built character. However, if she were to receive a more prominent role in new Super Mario games or films, she could very well become an interactive electronic LEGO figure. If the LEGO Group ever decided to take LEGO Super Mario into space, Rosalina would be an essential character to help usher in a new era for LEGO Super Mario- accompanied by a brick-built Luma of course. 

There are still so many Super Mario characters the LEGO group has yet to produce, not to mention the other Nintendo characters from other games. Which of these characters would you like to see? Let us know on any of the Blocks social media channels

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