Exclusive LEGO instructions in Blocks magazine

Do you want to build more with your LEGO bricks? Every month there are exclusive LEGO instructions in Blocks magazine, showing you how to build original models and providing inspiration for your own creations.

Blocks is the monthly LEGO magazine for fans of the brick. But as well as providing exclusive features, interviews and reviews, every month we offer LEGO magazine instructions showing you how to build never-before-seen models. Some of the build experts who provide these step-by-step guides have even gone on to become LEGO model designers working at the company’s headquarters.


Every month Blocks offers the Technique section, where we build delve into a particular subject matter. Recent topics include minifigure scale pianos, cacti plants and life-sized household items. What’s special about this guide though is that as well as providing step-by-step instructions for specific models, it also demonstrates why these designs work, so you can take the techniques within them and apply them to other builds.


Don’t you love classic LEGO models? Problem is, they can be expensive to buy today and they don’t always live up to our childhood memories. In Blockstalgia, we reimagine classic LEGO sets and build them as more detailed, modern looking models. Recently we have rebuilt models from subthemes including Space UFO, Pirates Bluecoats and Town Race. Full step-by-step instructions are included so that you can build these modern classics yourself.

To get Blocks every month – at a discount and earlier than the shops – order a 12-month or 24-month subscription. Direct debit payment options are available too; to find out more get in touch via subs@silverbackpublishing.rocks.

Mod Squad

LEGO sets look great on display. But rather than let them gather dust, you can use our magazine’s instructions to take them to the next level. Using a LEGO set and some extra bricks, you can enhance it, change the look it or give it a complete makeover. Recent projects have included adding a walkway to 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens, converting 75270 Obi-Wan’s Hut into a LEGO Mandalorian bar and adding a detailed interior to 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer.

Month in MOCs

Taylor Walker’s Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Lair

Spotlighting incredible creations from the LEGO community, Month in MOCs is packed with inspirational models (MOC stands for My Own Creation). A selection of these builds are shown with step-by-step instructions, so you can recreate what other fans are coming up with.

Try out an issue of Blocks today to see all of the LEGO magazine instructions that are offered within the 116 pages.

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