How to collect the LEGO NINJAGO Elemental Masters

There’s no better time to put together a LEGO NINJAGO Elemental Masters collection now that  71735 Tournament of Elements is on shelves – here are all of the sets you’ll need to complete the line-up.

The Elemental Masters first appeared in NINJAGO Season 4 and would continue to make appearances. A diverse mix of warriors from all over the world, each elemental master possessed control of a unique element. Here is every single set needed to get a full roster of Elemental Masters so you can complete your collection – but beware – some are harder to find (and more expensive) than others.

BrickLink has been used for estimating the prices and values of the sets and minifigures mentioned. All prices are in USD and are rounded to the nearest dollar.

70756 Dojo Showdown

70756 will get you two elemental masters: Karlof, master of iron, and Griffin Turner, master of speed. You can find this set on Bricklink new ranging from $70 to $90, and used for $44. Remember to always make sure to read the set description, as some used sets come with no minifigures (the most important part in this case). If you wish only to acquire the minifigures, Karlof will cost you $16 – $57 new, and $7 – $19 used. Griffin Turner is $6 – $43 new and $6 – $23 used.

71735 Tournament of Elements

As a new set, it’s no problem getting 71735 on LEGO Store shelves. Not only is it easy to find, but it is priced at just $40. From this one set you can gain three unique Elemental Masters –Gravis, master of gravity, Bolobo, master of nature, and Jacob Pevsner, master of sound. If you are interested in completing your collection at some point, it’s worth picking this one up now.

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853687 Accessory Set

853687 also contains three masters – Skylor, master of amber, Shade, master of shadow, and Ash, master of smoke. This set will cost you $17 – $28 USD new. There are currently no used listings on Bricklink. It’s easier to just purchase the three masters together for the sake of convenience.

5004938 NINJAGO Minifigure Collection

A Toys R Us exclusive, this minifigure pack comes with four minifigures, but contains only one elemental master – Neuro, master of mind. This will set you back a bit. At $167 – $317, this is an expensive way to get one master. In this case it’s better to buy Neuro by himself for $48 – $60. But then that white Nindroid is pretty cool… and the golden Kai … and the other guy…

So far we’ve only looked at LEGO NINJAGO sets, but the other master can be found in Ultra Agents (yes, you read that right).

70163 Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown

70163 is the only way to get Tox, master of poison. A different version of her is also available in 70169 Agent Stealth Patrol, but that variant is not accurate to the version shown in the animated series. The set costs $30 – $44 new, $24 – $62 used and Tox (Toxikita) goes for $5 – $17 new and $7 used.

70167 Invizable Gold Getaway

70167 is the only way to get Mr Pale, master of light. The set costs $32 – $77 USD new, and $20-$28 Uused. This master is referred to as Mr Pale in NINJAGO, so search for Invizable instead. He costs $27 – $41 new and $25 used. In this case you might be better off buying the whole set rather than just the minifigure.

Camille, master of form, has yet to be made into a minifigure. The Elemental Masters made their debut in 2015. Six years later, we are still getting Elemental Masters so Camille is still a possibility.

I have made sure to list all the price ranges, along with my suggestions for buying. Make sure to weigh your options. In some cases, it might be better to purchase the whole set if it’s not that much more than the individual minifigure, but that’s entirely up to you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on BrickLink, try other buying and selling sites such as ebay. You might even find a bargain. Happy hunting!

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