Blocks magazine subscription price freeze extended

For one last month, Blocks magazine is extending the price freeze on subscriptions – subscription prices WILL increase soon, so be sure to get your LEGO magazine subscription locked in before that happens.

At Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, we have avoided raising the prices on subscriptions for as long as possible, but rising production costs means we have to increase the price of print subscriptions. But we are continuing our price freeze into November. That means that if you take out a 24 month UK print subscription, you save £70 compared to ordering single issues.

Here are the current prices, that you can take advantage of until the end of November 2022:
12 month subscriptions; £59 UK, £89 Europe, £110 Rest of the World.
24 month subscriptions; £110 UK, £170 Europe, £210 Rest of the World.

Not only do you save money compared to buying single issues, you also get exclusive perks;

  • A free digital subscription that includes every issue of Blocks ever published
  • The chance to win LEGO prizes every single month
  • Exclusive discounts on select Blocks merchandise
  • You get the magazine before it arrives in the shops

It’s the perfect Christmas gift – but don’t wait for the price increase in December, lock in your subscription now.

If you’re an existing subscriber and want to renew early, you can extend your subscription. So if your subscription will run out in March 2023, you could take out an additional 24 month subscription and extend until March 2025.

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