The best Halloween LEGO minifigures – from mummies to Medusa

It’s time to get spooky with Blocks magazine as we look at some of the best horrifying and haunting LEGO Halloween minifigures.

Halloween costumes can range from the traditional vampire to an utterly bizarre plant monster, and just about everything in between. If it’s spooky, paranormal, or was in a favourite horror film, then anything goes. And the same is true for LEGO Halloween minifigures. There has been just about everything and Collectible Minifigures Series 14 was completely dedicated to monsters and ghouls. For this holiday season the LEGO Group, have added bat wings and possessed pumpkins into the spooky mix, alongside the bright colours of traditional Día de los Muertos makeup. 

Join Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, as we borrow a broom to fly through some of the best Halloween minifigures yet… 

Zombie Businessman (Collectible Minifigures Series 14)

Sometimes a job can just drain too much energy and leave a person feeling like a zombie. That’s certainly what happened to this businessman who found the nine till five leaving him with a taste for brains. This unique take on the zombie looks absolutely brilliant with his askew glasses and printed tattered tie. He’s somehow still clutching his briefcase of work supplies and comes with a unique 2×2 tile of The Zombie Times. 

Count Dracula (850936 Halloween Set)

There have been plenty of vampire minifigures, but we’re choosing this one because he oozes classic Count Dracula vibes. From a blood-red waistcoat to a neatly tied cravat, there’s an elegance to the printing of this minifigure. While some LEGO vampires are on the friendlier side, the version in 850936 leans more into the menacing, as he’s got his fangs on full display alongside glowing red eyes. Maybe his printed pocket watch is for checking when the sun has gone down so he can hunt…

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Mummy Queen (Collectible Minifigures Series 19)

Ancient Egypt has fascinated archaeologists and storytellers alike since the tombs of the pharaohs were discovered in the 1920s. Nothing more so than the Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife. Mummies can be scary, but the Mummy Queen opted for a friendlier version. She’s got tons of detailing across her bandages, a historically accurate headdress, and her scarab necklace represents rebirth in the afterlife. 

Werewolf Drummer (Bandmates Series 1)

Werewolves never go out go style, recently proven by the latest Marvel entry Werewolf by Night. Turning under the light of a full moon and howling at the sky, werewolf myths can even be found in Ancient Greek texts. However, this werewolf is a really different take on the creature, giving him ripped jeans and shiny bone accessories. VIDIYO didn’t last long, but it sure did provide some of the most creative minifigures. 

Medusa (Collectible Minifigures Series 10)

Speaking of Ancient Greece, Medusa is probably one of the most famous myths of them all. Jilted by Poseidon and cursed by Athena, the gorgon’s gaze turns anyone to stone. Her minifigure embraces everything serpent and scaly, including a unique dark green tail element, printed snake’s fangs, and a brilliantly moulded hair-piece of little writhing snakes. She may not turn you into stone, but she completely looks the part. 

There’s no shortage of creepy and scary Halloween minifigures across the LEGO themes, and more are added every year. A Hocus Pocus Ideas set is on the way, so the Sanderson sisters are coming soon. Until then – what Halloween minifigure would you like to see? Come haunt Blocks on any of our social media channels

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