Which Marvel characters should get a LEGO Christmas makeover next?

Iron Man has launched the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar wearing a special Christmas suit of armour – Blocks magazine can’t help but think of other characters from the comic book universe that could get a festive makeover.

When it comes to the LEGO Advent Calendars, fans are pretty much spoilt for choice these days, with a lot of fandoms represented behind the cardboard doors. There’s been everything from Santa Darth Vader to a winter Harry Potter. This year has seen an addition to the line – the Marvel multiverse. With over a decade of films and hundreds of characters, it’s no surprise that 76196 Marvel Advent Calendar focuses on the ever-popular Avengers for its debut. 

With Tony Stark leading the charge in an Iron Man Christmas sweater, Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is borrowing the tesseract to jump through what other heroes and rogues need a festive makeover…


Loki of Asgard definitely needs to be burdened with glorious festive purpose. His typical green and gold costumes would be perfect for a Christmas twist, with maybe holly incorporated into the printing. Loki’s signature horns could be replaced with golden-antlers or moulded together with a Christmas hat – a mischief making elf would be a good fit. Put a bow on top of the trans blue tesseract plates, and he can deliver presents too!  

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

After gearing up in an icy white snow suit to brave the Siberian wastes in the recent Black Widow movie, Natasha could definitely pull off a candy cane look. Add some red stripes onto her torso, plus maybe dual-moulding on her legs, and she can easily become a festive Avenger. Her bright red hair would work perfectly for this too, perfectly matching the vibes of a candy cane. 

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Captain America 

Santa can deliver presents in one night, but Captain America could probably do it all day. However, rather than donning a red suit, he might look better in an Endgame inspired white outfit for more of a snowman look. A snowflake would then replace the star on his shield, and some silver printing could add the surrounding rings. 


All of the Guardians of the Galaxy are perfect for a crazy Christmas outfit (just look at what Funko did with Groot), but Gamora could be an intergalactic Grinch with her green skin. Not that she’d have to be a grumpy Grinch. Instead she could have a fur-trimmed red vest, keep her shiny black boots, and a sack for stealing gifts…from the bad guys of course. 

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Dr Strange 

Now here’s someone who could magic up the perfect Christmas! Decorating done all with the wave of a hand? Roast dinner with no effort? Dr Strange would have it all covered. Going subtle would be the key, either a little sprig of holly by the Eye of Agamotto or perhaps some pearl gold accents, but the red cape would have to stay. 

Wanda Maximoff 

Wanda is already a walking Christmas advert in her classic red get-up, but after the events of WandaVision, she’d make an amazing Mrs Claus. Her minifigure from 71031 Marvel Collectible Minifigures would just need some lace or fur-trim, with maybe some festive foiling on her cape. Of course, if Wanda is Mrs Claus, then Vision would also need to be included as Santa himself. 

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Ant Man (Scott Lang)

Out of everyone on this list, Ant Man probably seems like the most unusual choice. How can you make an ant suit festive? It would be a challenge but Scott’s family-oriented personality fits in so well with the holiday spirit. If anything his suit would stay the same (it’s already got plenty of red), but he’d come with some presents. A clever bit of brick printing or stickers could incorporate a little ant pattern onto the wrapping paper. 

So, that’s six heroes assembled, and one god of mischief, worthy for a Christmas minifigure. Hopefully we’ll see the LEGO designers come up with more over the years and that the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar will continue. Come tell Blocks on our social media channels which hero, villain or raccoon you’d give a holiday twist to! 

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