Where could the LEGO Winter Village series go next?

Following the release of 10308 Holiday Main Street for Christmas 2022, Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, comes up with some ideas for where the LEGO Winter Village series could go next…

Every year the LEGO Winter Village seriesmanages to deliver something new, keeping the sets as evergreen as a Norwegian spruce (except for 10249 Toy Shop in 2015, which unfortunately caught the re-release bug). It’s an impressive track record and one of the reasons the Winter Village series is so popular, with fans adding to their displays every year. There have been bakeries and post offices, fire stations and even Santa’s Workshop. 

Where could the Winter Village go next? Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is hitching up a one horse open sleigh to see what could work in this winter wonderland next…

Christmas tree farm 

If there’s one thing that’s featured in almost every Winter Village set, it’s a Christmas tree. But the minifigures have to buy them from somewhere! A Christmas tree farm could have a rustic style farmhouse decked out in lights, while half a dozen Christmas trees of various sizes could then be brick-built for minifigures to choose from. A little car could then pose a problem for trying to get the tree home, just adding to the storytelling. 

Ski chalet 

In 2017, LEGO Friends provided beautiful mini-doll scale models set within the snowy slopes. 41323 Snow Resort Chalet was so good in fact that many fans actually incorporated it into their Winter Village. However, a minifigure scale version could focus more on the wood details and carvings, with a crackling hearth inside and cosy beds to fall into after a day of skiing. All of the minifigures would need winter gear, including goggles and differently coloured skis, plus some warm mugs of cocoa. 

Ice rink 

For some more thrill seeking minifigures then an ice rink can provide another winter sports option. 10216 Winter Village Bakery from 2010 included a small one, but it looks a little dated now. This was before the real LEGO skate element was introduced, so a new model could focus solely on the rink and a bunch of skaters. There could be newbies, professionals like Ice Skater from Collectible Minifigures Series 4, and skating aids (those things that help you keep your balance) shaped as penguins or polar bears. 

The Nutcracker 

Not a nutcracker. The Nutcracker. It’s become synonymous to go to the theatre during the festive season to see a stage show or ballet, and with Collectible Minifigures Series 23 helpfully providing a Sugar Plum Fairy in glittery pink and a dashing Nutcracker, then this would be something really unique within any Winter Village. All it needs is a minifigure in a rat king costume which would probably need a specially moulded head piece. 

Christmas parade 

Popular throughout the USA, but they are found in Europe too, Christmas parades are extravaganzas of festiveness. It could provide a really eye-catching part to a Winter Village street, passing down between the shops that have been designed over the years. There’s practically limitless options for the floats, from Christmas trees to igloos, but including some carollers, a jolly Santa and a host of musicians is a must. 

What would you like to see in the Winter Village next? Or have you made something yourself to go with the official sets? If you’d like to share, then bring some festive cheer to any of the Blocks social media channels! 

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