Three licensed cars we’d love to see in LEGO 2K Drive

The LEGO Group has a few notable racing games under their belt – namely the LEGO Racers series and the brand-new LEGO 2K Drive. Whether you’re beating Johnny Thunder on his own turf in LEGO Racers on the original PlayStation, or morphing mid-air from a boat to a car in LEGO 2K Drive for modern consoles, arcade racing fans know a good LEGO racing game when they see one.

The addition of micro-transactions to LEGO 2K Drive may have weakened the experience, as having to purchase many of the more exciting cars for real-life money (or grind in the game for a single vehicle) is a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, the fun, uniquely designed vehicles in the in-game store are always so interesting. The coolest and quirkiest cars in our non-virtual world come from movies and skilled automobile manufacturers, which begs the question – what if LEGO 2K Drive added more iconic licensed vehicles to the base game?

While there are already licensed vehicles available in-game from McLaren, adding more licensed vehicles could be incredibly fun if done correctly. You could drive anywhere, anytime, and anyhow you want in the real-life car of your dreams, destroying the competition with homing missiles or leaving them in the dust with your rocket boosters. Here are three fantastic licensed cars that would be awesome to see in LEGO 2K Drive.

Spider-Mobile (76178 Daily Bugle)

It scales walls and does donuts around J. Jonah Jameson’s office window. What more could you want? The comic-based Spider-Mobile from the massive 76178 Daily Bugle set catches up with thieves just like flies, though its driver is responsible for shooting the webs. Funnily enough, web shooting is an actual feature in LEGO 2K Drive, but outside of the game, you’ll have a hard time maintaining the three-and-nine steering wheel position.

This vehicle is clearly an acquired taste, as it’s been both beloved and maligned over the years. Why would Spider-Man need a car when he can climb and swing with ease? Is a car really going to help him hold together the Staten Island Ferry? Can it outrun a charging Rhino? No to all three, but thankfully, this is the perfect statement piece for Spider-Man fanatics. Plus, with the ability to drive up walls, it would have the advantage for grabbing those collectables in LEGO 2K Drive.

Land Rover Classic Defender (40650 Land Rover Classic Defender)

Here’s something that’s more at home on the road than on a screen. 40650 Land Rover Classic Defender features lots of room for accessories, with ample interior space behind the driver’s seat and a roof rack. Its flame yellowish orange livery gives it a distinct sense of style, while its robust design means it’s suitable for heavy duty trips and journeys. The only thing that might stop it is an EMP blast power up.

Though the Defender’s signature suspension isn’t represented here, this would be the perfect vehicle for withstanding blows from the competition in LEGO 2K Drive. It’s suited for rugged paths and bumps in the road, letting you explore every inch of the world around you. As with the LEGO hobby itself, nothing is off limits.

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Batman Returns / Batman 1989 Batmobile (76252 BatcaveShadow Box, 76224 Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase)

The 76252 BatcaveShadow Box set hits a few notes extremely well – the included Batmobile being one of those notes. It’s iconic and a vast improvement on 40433 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition from 2019. When you turn the knob on the side (or, you know, hit an imaginary button on the dash), heavy-duty machine guns break through the chassis, ready to put holes in pretty much everything.

For super fans of this spectacular car, the Batcave – Shadow Box might be for you. For more casual drivers, note that a 1989 version is also being released in August. 76224 Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase contains Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Michael Keaton’s Batman, an additional feature (storage trunk, or perhaps Bat-storage trunk), and equally stylish shaping for a fraction of the price. If it were in LEGO 2K Drive, either car could annihilate the competition in style. Yes, it’s true – ‘this baby can fit so many features in it!’

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