The best nostalgic LEGO minifigures

As the new year comes in, so too do new minifigures. Blocks reminisces over some of the best modern minifigures inspired by LEGO classics.

With the LEGO Group having an incredibly rich history that spans over 90 years, the company has had many fan favourites in that time. There’s Classic Pirates and Space alongside daring adventurers and loyal law enforcement. As the company continuously makes improvements in design, these classics often get updated, keeping the core elements that fans will recognise yet with a more modern approach. A perfect example is the brown astronaut in Collectible Minifigures Series 24 who even introduces the first ever baby LEGO astronaut. 

Join Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, as we look at the gold old days that have inspired some of the best nostalgic minifigures…

Explorer (Collectible Minifigures Series 19)

Boldly exploring unknown lands and discovering new species, the Explorer is definitely inspired by Johnny Thunder. Back before the LEGO Group were licensing themes they decided to jump on the bandwagon of success that came from the Indiana Jones movies and create their very own action adventurer. This Explorer sports the classic curly moustache and brown fedora that are iconic to Johnny Thunder, but pairs it will dual-moulded legs and a torso printed with gear. He’s also got a little chameleon friend, which is the debut of the lizard in the brick. 

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Majisto (10305 Lion Knights’ Castle)

Although he’s not actually named on the box art, the wizard included in 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle has to be Majisto. If he’s powerful enough to have aided knights aplenty throughout multiple themes of Castle, then he’s also likely immortal – or just has a great skincare routine. Not much about his character has been changed. He still wears simplistic blue robes and a pointy hat, though his beard now uses the new textured element paired with some printed bushy eyebrows. Perhaps one of the biggest updates is his staff, which is a trans-green gemstone rather than a little LEGO wand. 

Police Officer (Collectible Minifigure Series 18)

When the minifigure was introduced in 1978 the first design was a practical and instantly recognisable police officer. That minifigure looks incredibly plain compared to today’s standards, so for the tenth anniversary of Collectible Minifigures a special upgrade was in order. He still wears the classic smiley face of his 70s counterpart, however, this officer has a shiny printed badge and is even holding a commemorative 1×2 plate depicting 600 Police Car – the set that started minifigures on their journey. 

Brown Astronaut & Spaceboy (Collectible Minifigures Series 24)

Travelling throughout the galaxy in search of minerals, adventure, and new planets, Classic Space has always been beloved by LEGO fans. It’s got such a fan following that it’s currently seeing a bit of a resurgence, from 10497 Galaxy Explorer to Blacktron even getting their own gift-with-purchase set. Brown Astronaut & Spaceboy are probably the cutest Space has ever gone, with the baby featuring a completely unique helmet mould, a new colour for the astronaut, and the typical walkie-talkie ingeniously doubling as a baby monitor.  

Black Falcon (21325 Medieval Blacksmith

Tales of medieval battles and hidden passageways in castles never go out of style, and Castle just keeps adding to those stories. Inspired by the original Black Knights sub-theme, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith encapsulates the medieval age while also providing the first ever female Black Knight. Clad in finely printed chainmail and pearl-grey shoulder pauldrons, she looks ready to take on any dragon, and her headband only adds to her warrior spirit. 

As the LEGO Group continues to make its own themes and histories, there is no shortage of nostalgia to be found for fans. These are just some of the amazing minifigures inspired by the last 90 years and there is bound to be more to come. 

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