The best LEGO Star Wars snowspeeder for 75313 AT-AT

75313 AT-AT, the imposing LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set, is on store shelves now – without a Rebel snowspeeder to accompany it. Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is taking a look at the LEGO Snowspeeders released over the years to see which one goes best with it.

The LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder has been released in every scale, shape and size. From the massive UCS Snowspeeder, to the tiny Microfighters model, to numerous minifigure scale versions, there is almost always a Snowspeeder set available. There is even a variant of the ship for the desert – 75204 Sandspeeder. With the release of the largest AT-AT ever in set 75313, another updated Rebel Snowspeeder would be expected. There isn’t one out now though, so it’s a case of looking back to find one to complement the incredible new AT-AT Walker.

75268 Snowspeeder – will NOT work

The last Rebel Snowspeeder released before the 18+ AT-AT is set 75268 Snowspeeder. The only problem is that 75268 is a 4+ LEGO set. Because the new AT-AT and the latest snowspeeder set feature a massive gap in terms of age range, do not be surprised when these two models don’t display well together. 75268 is intended for a younger audience and features minimal detail, making it inadequate to pair with the highly detailed 75313. 

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75259 Snowspeeder – WILL work

75259 Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition is the most modern minifigure scale snowspeeder set, thus the best option to be paired with 75313. Released in 2019, this set uses the most modern parts than any other snowspeeder on this list, making it a better aesthetic match for any set released today.  When looking for a Snowspeeder in the proper scale to match 75313, compare the vehicle to the minifigure. 75259 was designed to work with minifigures, while retaining the proper proportions of the vehicle, just as 75313 was designed to do.

75144 Snowspeeder – will NOT work

While the most detailed Snowspeeder ever and a UCS set as well, 75144 Snowspeeder is not a minifigure scale set. It is important to remember that not all UCS/18+ sets are in the same scale. Where the massive 75313 can fit up to 40 Snowtroopers inside, along with room for two AT-AT drivers and General Veers, 75144 is so oversized that no minifigure should be placed inside. While owning both sets could make for a cool display, they can’t be displayed together in a single scene.

75049 Snowspeeder – WILL work

75049 Snowspeeder was released in 2014, but still holds up today and is very similar to 75259. In fact, the two sets are almost identical, with both of the speeders using many of the same parts to represent the same features. Because of their similarities, 75049 would also be an adequate vehicle to face off with 75313.  

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75074 Snowspeeder Microfighter – will NOT work

Perhaps with some modifications, 75074 Snowspeeder Microfighter could work in a display with 75313. But due to its small size, 75074 would have to be placed in a way that implies this snowspeeder is far off in the distance. A long way away… very far, far away… 

Snowspeeders have improved in detail but haven’t changed too drastically. If possible, pair the two newest minifigure scaled versions of the Snowspeeder with the 75313. But remember – there’s no need to have a squad of all the same Snowspeeder sets. Mixing newer Snowspeeders with older models, such as the one from 75014 Battle of Hoth or 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave actually makes sense. In the Star Wars universe, the Rebellion is always made up of cobbled together ships that were a bit rough around the edges. Having slightly different ships built with different parts would add some character to a squad of LEGO Snowspeeders as they race toward the behemoth that is 75313 AT-AT

In Blocks issue 87, you can read an in-depth review of 75313 AT-AT.

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