LEGO VIDIYO launch range announced

The first range of LEGO VIDIYO products have been announced and are even available to buy from select retailers.

LEGO VIDIYO is a new product range from the LEGO Group and Universal Music Group, offering music video making creativity rather than the usual building. Working in conjunction with a free-to-download app, BeatBox and Bandmate sets allow minifigures and special 2×2 tiles to be scanned, bringing to life a digital band that appears to be in the real world.

Each beatbox includes a minifigure, two special BeatBits, 14 random BeatBits, a carry case and pieces for a buildable decorative plate. Bandmates are randomly boxed and come with three BeatBits. There are over 130 BeatBits to collect in total.

Within the app, users can make short music videos using the minifigures and add effects using the BeatBits. A total of 30 different UMG tracks are available, with more coming every month. Thanks to the AR function, the music videos can be made in fun locations or feature people alongside the minifigures. To avoid safety concerns, videos including people cannot be shared online.

The theme’s wide release is on March 1, with BeatBoxes priced at £16.99/$19.99 and Bandmates prices at £3.99/$4.99. It has been teased that more building-focused sets will be on the way later this year. You can find the full LEGO VIDIYO range listed on the 2021 LEGO checklist.

To promote the launch, UMG label Astralwerks has signed a human version of L.L.A.M.A, the lead character in the theme. Friday, February 19, will see NE-YO and Carmen DeLeon support L.L.A.M.A on the single Shake.

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L.L.A.M.A refuses to be pigeonholed. “Labels are for clothes,” he quipped. “No musical style is off-limits for me. I just want to work with people that don’t take life too seriously.”

“It’s an honour to sign the first ever llama and LEGO minifigure to a global record deal. When L.L.A.M.A first played us the early demo of ‘Shake’, we all knew we wanted to work with him. The LEGO Group’s partnership with UMG completely aligns with our mission to surround the electronic music space with innovation,” said VP Marketing, Luke Armitage, Astralwerks.

“Play and music are both universally appealing and have a fundamental impact on the development of children. With LEGO VIDIYO we can now provide a kid-safe space for children to express their playful creativity through music video making to develop these new skills” said William Thorogood, VP and Executive Producer of LEGO VIDIYO. “The partnership with UMG brings with it innovation on so many levels, from an exciting new music centred product and app experience to ground-breaking ways of engaging fans with the signing of L.L.A.M.A. LEGO VIDIYO has been tested with over 1,500 families across North America, Europe and Asia and the response we have seen has been incredible, with children and parents all excited to be able to bring LEGO minifigures to life in their very own unique, creative Music Videos. Now that LEGO VIDIYO is out in the wild, I’m so excited to see what the young creators of today have in store!”

“It’s an exciting day for LEGO VIDIYO, finally revealing the full experience and topping it with the first ever record deal for a LEGO minifigure,” added Joshua Burke, VP, Strategic Marketing & Global Partnerships, Universal Music Group. “Music goes hand in hand with creativity and plays a role in a child’s development, all these new products, BeatBits and characters will inspire young people as they discover music, artists and new sounds from around the globe. While expanding their creative and technical skills and having fun – children will be learning, experimenting and expressing themselves in their very own music videos.”

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