LEGO Masters USA Season 2 Episode 1 round-up

Blocks magazine Editor and avid LEGO Masters viewer Graham Hancock takes a look at the Season 2 premiere – how was the first episode? Who did well? What was the ‘wow’ build?

It’s back – LEGO Masters has arrived with its second season debut and there is already some seriously impressive LEGO building going on. Another 10 teams of LEGO builders are competing to win $100,000 and – perhaps more importantly – the title of LEGO Masters. Will Arnett is back as host, joined by judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.

Spoilers ahead!

The theme of the first episode is a parade, with each pair of LEGO creatives tasked with building a float that moves, looks great and reveals something about them. Most of the teams manage to complete something awesome, but a few struggle against the clock despite a 14 hour timeframe.

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Zack and Wayne deservedly take the win – their build goes above and beyond with the movement, cleverly building snaking dragons that really take advantage of being motorised. Their model also packs a really strong visual punch. Runners-up Mark and Steven do a great job too with a mammoth model, but the separate motions lack the kinetic of energy od Zack and Wayne’s.

Honourable mentions also go to Natalie and Michelle, whose use of shape and colour is incredible, and Dave and Richard, who build some amazing, oversized foods. They also cleverly integrate movement in a way that feels like a real parade float. Syreeta and Randall also build something visually striking and are a team with watching going forward.

It’s a fun start to Season 2 and given the scale of the models created for this challenge, there’s going to be some really momentous builds on the way later this year.

LEGO Masters airs on Fox, Tuesdays at 8.00pn ET / 7.00pm PT

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