LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76212 Shuri’s Lab – the Blocks review

Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, reviews the new Marvel Super Heroes set 76212 Shrui’s Lab, inspired by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Wakanda Forever features Shuri’s lab in various pivotal moments, not least the emotional opening scene. The lab in 76212 Shrui’s Lab is a fun little build featuring a disc shooter that can knock down a tall, printed brick. This brick shows the hexagonal display panels that Shuri uses, here converted into targets to aim at.

This being a simple set, there’s no way to truly aim your shot, the disc shooter is firmly locked into place and fires at the bottom of the target. That said, it does a decent enough job of reminding us what the lab looks like and the play feature is fine.

76212 Shuri’s Lab details

LEGO set name76212 Shuri’s Lab
Price£8.99, $9.99, €9.99

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Shuri herself looks good in her Infinity Wars costume – most recently this outfit appeared in in 76186 Black Panther Dragon Flyer ؘ– but it still manages to impress, especially the war-painted face. The Black Panther minifigure is new, however, featuring much more silver and than usual. Quite where this set fits into the timeline is not something that should trouble the young builders it’s aimed at, nor will why Black Panther is on a skateboard.

What will be of most interest to collectors is that they can now snap up a new Black Panther and Shuri for pocket money prices.


VERDICT: A new Black Panther minifigure at a pocket money price is hard to resist.

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