LEGO ICONS 10306 Atari 2600 unveiled as the latest brick console

Fans will be able to built their own classic console when the LEGO Group released the new 18+ 10306 Atari 2600 set.

Those of a certain age will remember spending hours playing on the Atari Video Computer System 2600. It was released in 1977, but this LEGO brick version is based on the 1980 version. Like the 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System NES set before it, the model builds a replica of the beloved console.

Once again, there’s a clever function built into the model – a scene featuring an exclusive minifigure pops up, emerging from the console, showing a happy gamer playing on a classic Atari. Three classic cartridges are also part of the model, with little dioramas representing Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede.

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10306 Atari 2600 set information

Price£209.99 / $239.99 / €239.99
Age recommendation18+
Piece count2,532
Release dateAugust 1
Where can I buy it?

‘The Atari 2600 was one of the most memorable gifts I got as a kid,’ says LEGO Model Designer Chris MvVeigh. ‘I recall spending hours and hours in front of the TV, absolutely amazed that I could play arcade games in my own home. There were so many legendary titles, too, including Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede. This is why it has been such an incredible experience to bring two icons together, Atari and LEGO, in this awesome set. We hope that building this classic console takes you back to those halcyon days when a handful of pixels meant a world of adventure.’

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