LEGO gift ideas for Christmas 2021

What do you do when the LEGO fan in your life has everything? What on earth can you get them for Christmas that isn’t a LEGO Store voucher for the January new releases? Well don’t panic because Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, has you covered with a range of bricktastic present ideas for the LEGO fan with who’s got it all. 

For a selection of Blocks specific Christmas gifts, check out this list – we’ve got exclusive minifigures, binders, t-shirts and even mini magazines for your LEGO characters.

Here’s five ideas for wonderfully quirky LEGO-inspired Christmas presents that aren’t going to be the dreaded duplicate set…

LEGO jewellery 

Now whilst the LEGO Group has Dots and their minifigure watches, there’s some really creative brick-based jewellery on craft sites like Etsy. They range from little 1×1 stud earrings to minifigure necklaces, and there’s a great variety of themes. For Star Wars lovers then lightsaber earrings or Stormtrooper helmet cufflinks are the perfect way to go, and there’s more Marvel options than you can shake a tesseract at. 

LEGO plush characters

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? The soft, cuddly plushies are wonderful for all ages and the LEGO Group actually make official ones. A new one for this upcoming holiday season is the Darth Vader plush, which looks like a minifigure-teddy bear hybrid and is super cute, even for a Sith Lord. There’s also most of the NINJAGO cast in this style too, as well as shark-guy for the marine biologist in your life. 

LEGO magazine subscription

Give them the gift that lasts all year round! Blocks magazine subscriptions are available in 12 or 24 month options and are much better value than buying single magazines. They also include fantastic perks, such as entry into a monthly prize draw and full access to the digital back catalogue.

LEGO art

No, not the theme actually. Do you know there’s lots of artists out there using LEGO both as a medium and subject? A quick search on the internet should bring up everything from customisable frames with minifigures, to LEGO patent sketches, and even brick still-life paintings. They range from fun posters to put in a kid’s bedroom to some really classy designs that would add a bit of LEGO love to any office space. 

LEGO baking

You might not be able to eat real bricks, but there’s a huge range of baking supplies to turn LEGO pieces into something edible. Cake moulds can make a vanilla sponge into a giant 2×4 brick or even a minifigure. There’s also plenty of cookie cutter options that would create super fun biscuits to ice and personalise in all the colours of the rainbow. So, if there’s a LEGO fan you know who’s a master baker too, then look no further than bringing the brick into the kitchen.  

LEGO clothing 

Whether you’re after a t-shirt or a sweater, there’s LEGO patterned and printed clothing just about everywhere, with even more thanks to the new adidas line. Remember to look out for any commemorative clothing at fan events too. Given that face masks are now a fashion staple, why not get a cheerful brick-based one? 

So, even if you know a LEGO fan who has everything, do they really have everything? Sure they might own all the sets on the shelf, but there’s more to this LEGO life than just bricks.

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