LEGO Education is teaming up with NASA for learning series

LEGO Education has announced a collaboration with NASA to help engage children with STEAM (Science, technology, engineering and Maths) learning.

Collaborating for the first time on a free digital learning series, LEGO Education and NASA will use the Artemis I mission as the topic for a 10 week digital series. When it launches in September, the series will include interactive episodes and open-ended prompts grouped into three learning themes aligned with the mission – Getting to Space, Testing and Transport, and Working in Space.

It’s designed for teachers who are looking for wars to really get students excited about STEAM learning, explaining different NASA careers as children follow along with a gang of minifigures known as the LEGO Space Team.

‘We are at a pivotal moment in education, and to rethink how students learn we must provide meaningful, hands-on learning experiences,’ says LEGO Education President Esben Stærk. ‘The LEGO Education and Artemis lesson series creates joyful learning moments and brings STEAM learning to life through the real-world application of space exploration – a topic that evokes curiosity and awe in students of all ages and abilities.

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There will even be student press conferences hosted on the LEGO Education YouTube channel by minifigures Kate and Kyle as they prepare for the mission as part of the Space Team. Each episode will set up the theme of the next module, and students will be able to submit questions ahead of the press conferences.

Artemis I is the first lunar mission that will see humans able to explore the Moon, with NASA working towards the goal of astronauts exploring Mars. During the flight, the uncrewed spacecraft will launch on the most powerful rocket in the world and fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown. Students will earn, through the educational series, about the various roles and tasks involved with making a mission like this possible.

‘Every NASA mission requires people from a wide range of STEM careers, skills, backgrounds, and interests. Today’s students are the Artemis Generation – learning about space and the Artemis I mission through hands-on activities will introduce them to the many careers they can pursue. We look forward to their contributions to push the frontiers of scientific research and expand our understanding of the universe,’ says Mike Kincaid, Associate Administrator of the Office of STEM Engagement.

The free learning series will be available online to anyone, but it designed for teachers and a classroom setting.

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