LEGO 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration – the Blocks Review  

The latest free LEGO set from the official online store puts Mickey Mouse at the centre of 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration.

Some of the gift with purchase sets at are difficult to justify ; to be clear, this is not – and there’s a good chance it will sell out quickly. You only need to spend £95 / $100 / €100 to get 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration for free, so the threshold is much lower than usual. While the offer will run until July 9, it would be a good idea to order sooner rather than later to be on the safe side.

The big new set that this freebie has been timed to coincide with is 43222 Disney Castle, which is clearly a centrepiece model for a Disney collection. For fans of the beloved Halloween cult hit, LEGO Ideas 21341 Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage is also available now and qualifies for the free set.

So that’s what you need to do top get the set – but is it worth acquiring?

In case you haven’t seen the LEGO Disney packaging this year, 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney Animation Studios, the cornerstone of the whole Disney corporation. This set celebrates that milestone more directly than any other model this year.

40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration details

LEGO set name40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration
PriceFree if you spend £90 / $100 / €100 at

40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration is made up of three small sections that clip together. All three sections feature a clip piece on the back that allows you to display a photograph. The first section displays a ‘100’ and features a couple of balloons, with a cake in front. It’s made in a similar way to DOTS lettering, but with fewer single tiles.

The opposite section is an animator’s drawing desk, perhaps even Walt Disney’s. It’s a cleverly constructed little model and features a beautiful, printed tile. The tile depicts a sketch of Mickey Mouse.

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In-between these two sections there’s a Mickey themed cinemas screen. This combines with a small projector that you build, which incorporates a printed transparent element and a light brick. You can see where this is going – that little build actually projects an image from Steamboat Willie, the original Mickey Mouse short, onto the cinema screen. It’s absolutely delightful.

The set is rounded out with an exclusive Mickey Mouse minifigure and a seat for him to sit in. He’s looking dapper for the anniversary. If you’ve been counting, then yes, that is three printed tiles in a gift with purchase that you only need to spend £95 / $100 / €100 to get. It’s a great build overall too and will give any Disney fan a smile. In an era when you have to spend more and more to get a freebie at, this feels like stupendous value for money.

SCORE: 72/100
VERDICT: There’s little more than you could ask for from a gift with purchase LEGO set that celebrates 100 years of Disney.

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