LEGO 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration – the Blocks review

LEGO Barça supporters are celebrating in 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration, the freebie set that comes with 10284 FC Barcelona Camp Nou.10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona.

We couldn’t wait until Issue 84 to bring you this LEGO set review – by the time that edition of the mag lands in September, this gift with purchase release will be long gone. You have until September 12 (unless stock runs out sooner) to get over to, login as a VIP and order 10284 FC Barcelona Camp Nou10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona if you want to get this exclusive for free.

40485 FC Barcelona Celebration

Price: Free with 10284 Camp Nou – FC BarcelonaFree at with orders for 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration
Minifigures: 5
Pieces: 178

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What’s the sweetest part of supporting a football team? Celebrating victory. To complement the incredibly large 10284 FC Barcelona Camp Nou set that has launched, 40485 depicts a group of fans celebrating a Barça win, waving flags and dancing around a lamppost.

The base of the set is a mix of tiles and plates so the minifigures can be attached to studs. A focal decoration is the Barcelona specific lamppost/water fountain that really evokes the spirit of the city and captures the key details. The water fountains are a great spot to place excited supporters.

A really neat aspect of the set is that the minifigures have printed Barcelona shirt designs on the torsos. One of the fans is a wheelchair user, a nice touch to bring some diversity to the satisfied spectators. The flags and the scarf use stickers, but you can’t have everything.

If you wanted, the lamppost could be removed and added to a LEGO town layout – or if you have no plans of dropping big money on 10284 FC Barcelona Camp Nou, you can just grab the parts on BrickLink.

There’s a number of minifigures and not a huge amount of building – but this is a freebie, and it’s hard to ask for a better free set to complement 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona.

VERDICT: This set is packed with the sweet joy of victory and captures an icon of Barcelona.

This set has been added to the LEGO 2021 checklist.

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