LEGO 2K Drive is coming to consoles and PC this May

There’s a new big budget, sprawling LEGO video game coming on May 19 – LEGO 2K Drive. Players will be able to explore open-world environments in LEGO vehicles, then race those vehicles in fast-paced and funny contests.

Players might be used to exploring LEGO worlds as a digital minifigure, but LEGO 2K Drive is bringing something different to the brick-based video game as players will be driving around open worlds and taking on races to become the ultimate LEGO racing legend.

LEGO 2K Drive has been developed by Visual Concepts, which is owned by Take-Two Interactive’s 2K subsidiary.

The game allows players to build their own race car using LEGO elements, but there are plenty of pre-built cars to earn through the gameplay, including 76918 McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM.

The following editions will be available when LEGO 2K Drive launches on May 19:

LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Edition

Price: $99.99/£84.99/€99.99

Includes a new vehicle, vehicle flair and an in-game LEGO minifigure. Players will also receive the Year 1 Drive Pass, which will introduce an all-new biome, in addition to four individual post-launch seasons of Drive Pass content, each with new vehicles and themes.

The physical version of this edition also includes a [physical LEGO model – the real-world 3-in-1 Aquadirt Racer vehicle, which can be assembled in Street, Off-Road or Water forms.

LEGO 2K Drive Standard Edition

Price: $59.99/£49.99/€59.99 (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) $69.99/£59.99/€69.99 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S)

Includes the standard game only.

LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Rivals Edition

Price: $119.99/£99.99/€119.99

Includes multiple new vehicles, a vehicle flair and in-game LEGO minifigures. Players will also receive the Year 1 Drive Pass, which will introduce an all-new biome, in addition to four individual post-launch seasons of Drive Pass content, each with new vehicles and themes.

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Bricklandia is the setting for the game, with four regions within it. Turbo Acres is where players get to grips with the driving mechanics, Big Butte is a beautiful California-inspired setting, Prospecto Valley is an old mining location and Hauntsborough is a spookier realm. Each of these areas is entirely open world and players can discover racing, minigames, challenges and collectibles as they explore.

As players progress through the open world, new races become available to take on, with different tracks offering different challenges. Playing on the LEGO sense of humour, there are unique power-up abilities and weapons that will ensure things get chaotic.

Unkie Monkey’s Garage is where players can build their own car from scratch, using the LEGO parts palette. More than 1,000 pieces are included for use. The custom car can be taken into the main game and raced.

It wouldn’t be a racing game without the opportunity for competition, with local split-screen and online multiplayer available.

‘Video games have long been an important way our fans experience the magic of the LEGO System in Play, and 2K’s strong track record of delivering quality, innovative titles for a broad range of audiences makes them the perfect partner to create the next iconic AAA LEGO games,’ says Remi Marcelli, Head of LEGO Games. ‘Beginning with LEGO 2K Drive, we’re excited for fans to experience a fresh new take that builds on the LEGO humour and fun fans have come to expect.’

‘With the history the LEGO brand holds, we were very conscious of the responsibility we had to both our partners and long-time fans of LEGO play, while still thinking about how we can bring something new and unique to a LEGO title,’ adds Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts. ‘For LEGO 2K Drive, we assembled a best-in-class team of game makers who poured their hearts into an unforgettable experience we can’t wait to share with fans.’

‘The LEGO Group is an iconic brand with decades of innovative consumer experiences, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with them as we continue to expand the 2K portfolio to new audiences worldwide,’ says David Ismailer, President and CEO of 2K. ‘LEGO 2K Drive is an incredible first step in our multi-title commitment to delivering new, ground-breaking LEGO games.’

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