It’s 25 years since the first ever LEGO video game

Sure, we celebrate LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game as the game-changer (excuse the pun), but it all really started with Fun to Build in 1995. It’s 25 years this month since the game was released exclusively in Japan.

Things have changed since then, with TT Games handling the incredible LEGO console games and various companies collaborating with the LEGO Group on mobile games. Video game play has even crept into physical LEGO products, with themes like Hidden Side and Super Mario requiring users to pull out a device.

Of the 80 titles that have been released in the past 25 years, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the best-seller. While the LEGO Group hasn’t revealed the rest of the ranking, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, LEGO Batman: The Video Game and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes also make the top five. In total over 200 million games have been sold.

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Game is currently offering two LEGO video games for £25. There are even game/movie double packs included, so you can get two games and two movies for £25! Be quick though – it ends on December 3.

“Over a quarter of a century after the launch of the team’s first video game, the LEGO brick and LEGO System in Play continues to provide the ultimate creative medium for gaming fans of all ages.” says Ronny Scherer, Senior Director of LEGO Games. “It offers builders and game developers unlimited opportunities to create, play and develop in a way that is continually evolving to provide new, exciting play and gaming experiences and that can help introduce new gamers to digital play. We are proud to have long embraced the digitalization of the LEGO brick both through products and gaming to extend the enjoyment of LEGO play across both the real and the digital worlds, opening up new playgrounds for all.”

A new podcast, Bits N’ Bricks, launches today and will cover history of LEGO video games. It’s available at and on podcast streaming apps.

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