Innovative BIONICLE parts still used in LEGO sets today

Did you know that LEGO BIONICLE elements have been integrated into the system and are still used in regular sets today? See some of the LEGO sets that contain BIONICLE parts…

One of the LEGO Group’s most beloved and divisive LEGO themes, there is no denying the impact BIONICLE has had on the LEGO brand as a whole. Even though the first BIONICLE sets released in 2001, BIONICLE fans continue to build BIONICLE themed MOCs and relive the epic story created for the groundbreaking LEGO theme through books, comics and video games. 

Though the last BIONICLE sets were released in 2022, there are still a handful of LEGO parts first introduced in the theme that are still in use today, many of which most LEGO fans might not know originated from BIONICLE.

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, points out three BIONICLE parts still used in LEGO sets today…

Barraki Eye

The LEGO piece that was originally created as creepy translucent eyes for the deadly Barraki has become a widely available and versatile LEGO part. This part can be found in over 467 different LEGO sets in a wide selection of colours, and like the other BIONICLE parts featured in this article, its humble origin as a single-use BIONICLE part can easily be missed. You can find the part used as originally intended in sets like 8917 Kalmah, 8919 Mantax and 8916 Takadox. LEGO DREAMZzz will use a printed version of this LEGO piece to represent a tiny version of the character Z-Blob in 71469 Nightmare Shark Ship. Can you spot this part used in 2023 sets like 60368 Arctic Explorer Ship or 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama?

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Piraka Spine/Plant Vine

The Piraka Spine piece was actually first introduced by the LEGO Group in several of the System-based BIONICLE sets that were made. The Piraka spine was available in the largest selection of colours right from the start, as each Piraka figure had a different coloured spine – either black, red, white, green, brown or blue. You can find these Piraka with their spine pieces in sets like 8892 Piraka Outpost, 8894 Piraka Stronghold and 8624 Race for the Mask of Life. Today, the Piraka spine is usually used to depict plant vines or seaweed, leaving many LEGO fans to believe that was what this part was created for. The BIONICLE Piraka Spine can be found in over 128 sets. Can you spot this part used in 2023 sets like 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, 71799 NINJAGO City Markets, or 43225 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell?

Zamor Sphere

Now featured in over 121 LEGO sets, the humble Zamor Sphere was created as a fun projectile for both the heroic Toa and villenous Piraka to launch at each other. One thing that makes this LEGO BIONICLE part unique is that it features zero attachment point to any other LEGO piece – you won’t find any clips, studs, or anti-studs here. You can find this part in sets like 8729 Toa Nuparu, 8727 Toa Jaller or 8893 Lava Chamber Gate. While LEGO fans might not see the value or reusability of such a specific BIONICLE part, the Zamor Sphere continues its life as an established LEGO piece into 2023. Can you spot this part used in recent sets like 31137 Adorable Dogs, 41708 Roller Disco Arcade or 10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout?

While the future of LEGO BIONICLE remains unclear, this iconic theme’s legacy will continue to live on through the innovative and unique LEGO parts created during its time. Are there any LEGO parts still in use today that BIONICLE is responsible for creating? Let Blocks know on any of our social media channels

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