How to make the ultimate LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian minifigure

Learn how to make the ultimate Mandalorian LEGO character so that you’re the envy of all Star Wars fans.

Fett. Kryze. Vizsla. These are only a few notable Mandalorian families, some of the finest fighters in the galaxy. From the Old Republic to the New Republic and beyond, the Mandalorians have a rich culture and history. These hardy people’s greatest threat is often themselves, usually in the form of domestic terrorist organisations such as Death Watch and by extension Maul’s Super Commandos. Needless to say, the bickering between tribes before and after the fall of Mandalore was a major roadblock.

One of the greatest symbols of a Mandalorian is the Mythosaur skull, but the beskar helmet, armour, and weapons of a Mandalorian are likely the first (and possibly last) things you’ll ever see. But what about in terms of a LEGO minifigure? Making the ultimate Mandalorian minifigure is easier said than done, but this list may help; whether they’re a bounty hunter, a freedom fighter, or a lone wolf wandering the galaxy like Din Djarin.

Helmet and Head

Let’s turn that pure beskar helmet you were dreaming of into pure plastic. What colours should it have? Does it need horns? That’s entirely up to you. A great place to start is with 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack. It includes four Mandalorian covert figures, all meticulously detailed and exclusive to this set. At this point in time, it’s still very affordable if you don’t have a copy.

Aside from the horned Gar Saxon and The Armourer helmets, most Mandalorian helms have attachment holes for rangefinders, scopes, and floodlights for those finishing touches. The head underneath the helmet is just as important, even if you don’t want your Mandalorian to remove their helm. Will you put a grizzled, scarred face to your Mandalorian, or something younger and greener? Think of what hairstyles a Mandalorian can fit in their helmet, too, if they take their helmet off occasionally. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to hide.

Armour and Jetpack

Armour can be passed between generations of Mandalorians, as seen with Boba Fett’s helmet and armour. The LEGO Group has a few torso options, from Paz Vizsla’s sand-blue armour plating to Bo-Katan’s royal blue and white Nite Owl attire. Of course, the fun of LEGO bricks is you can mix and match different colours and styles. A rusted orange helmet from an ancestor with a pristine silver torso and legs would not only look spectacular but have a history to it as well.

Speaking of Paz Vizsla, his minifigure had a massive buildable jetpack that also carried his heavy rotating blaster. You can go above and beyond the single-piece jetpack and build your own, or even use the back bracket piece to create other accessories. A shoulder-mounted gun or a survivor’s backpack would be useful for retaking Mandalore. Of course, you can always go full Lando and add a cape.

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Weapons and Effects

For many fans, this is where the fun begins. Nothing beats a heavily-armed Mandalorian minifigure, though a small blaster in each hand is also a great move. Weapons can be helpful to develop a Mandalorian’s identity – in part because weapons are part of a Mandalorian’s religion. While the Darksaber may switch hands often, vibroblades are very reliable for close-quarters combat.

Wrist-mounted flamethrowers can easily be emulated by using a common clear ‘1×1 plate with a hollow stud and bar on the underside’. Whistling birds, the wrist-mounted rockets Din Djarin uses throughout the series, could be created using a ‘clear bar, angled with stud on end’ and some hollow studs to represent the tiny missiles. Of course, once you’ve finished making your Mandalorian figure – especially if your Mandalorian minifigure is hunting their quarry – a personal spacecraft MOC may be in order. This is the way.

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