Five incredible LEGO Art MOCs

Check out some of the finest LEGO Art inspired MOCs from the talented fan community.

Some amazing LEGO Art sets have been released out in the past few years. When they were first revealed, not everyone was in agreement. Some felt the images were basic and muddled, while others found the experience tedious once the box was opened. Thankfully, the line has gone from just sticking studs to making masterpieces.

Look at 31206 The Rolling Stones or 21208 Hokusai – The Great Wave; two LEGO Art sets that take advantage of 3D space to make something spectacular. The idea can be seen across other lines, too, like the LEGO Ideas set 21333 Starry Night. While 31203 World Map doesn’t deviate much from the early Art sets of placing studs and then building a frame, it sits pretty with the highest piece count, and allows you to pinpoint places you’ve visited with cones.

Best of all, the LEGO Group invites fans to choose how they want to display their Art sets, like the optional ‘secret’ 60 beneath the signature Rolling Stones tongue, and the numerous multi-builds made with multiple copies of the same set. When that fails, LEGO Art MOCs designed by fans are in a league of their own. Size is no limit. Some of them even work with subject matter the LEGO Group won’t touch. Here are five fantastic LEGO Art MOCs made by LEGO fans – including one nostalgic piece made by a LEGO designer.

31203 Porsche World Tour by Jorah

There is no substitute for this fantastic, loving edit of the World Map set for Porsche fanatics. 9642 LEGO pieces gets you a gorgeous, coloured alternate build featuring a stunning classic Porsche. The car’s rounded roof, signature headlights, and even visible car seats are well-detailed with studs. Custom racing stripes and a colourful base for the car round off this awesome tribute. The creator, jorah, has provided custom instructions on Rebrickable to ensure you’ll be done faster you can say ‘Ferdinand’. Thanks, jorah.

Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader by KSZD

Here’s an art piece that uses perspective for maximum appeal. Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are two sides of the same coin, and the same person, so creating a ‘double portrait’ using cheese slopes is incredibly clever. You’ll see some equally crafty designs at LEGO conventions and shows, though they are less common – and few have instructions posted online on top of that. From a certain point of view, 6168 parts makes this a nice, lengthy project. Thanks, KSZD.

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Space Canvas by Peeters Kevin

These mosaics are truly out of this world. From a sun peering over a rocky planet to a moon bathing in starlight, these separate alternate builds of set 31198 The Beatles are tasteful and complementary to many of the LEGO Group’s NASA sets released so far. They really make use of light and distance, especially important when you’re navigating the solar system. If you have a copy of the set yourself, prepare for launch. If not, BrickLink or eBay should be your next destination. Thanks, Peeters Kevin.

Blacktron II Allied Avenger Mosaic by Acceleryx

The nefarious space villains Blacktron have never looked so good. A close recreation of the Allied Avenger’s box art, this hand built MOC is a fantastic alternate build of 21226 LEGO Art Project. The rays of light behind the planet below never get lost, the planet is suitable rocky and crisp, and of course, the ship is impressively detailed and instantly recognizable. It’s also the perfect complement to the classic spaceman build from the same kit. Thanks, Acceleryx.

Mata Nui Map by LEGO Designer Nicolas Vás

What better way to end our list than with something created by an official LEGO Designer? The Mata Nui Map by LEGO Design Manager Nicolas Vás is the perfect tribute for BIONICLE fans. It’s a creative challenge, with classic Nuva symbols to fill in what could have been a repetitive sea. Nicolas created an interactive online builder, too, letting you take the pieces from the World Map set and log your progress as you build. It’s the perfect design for customization, too, with studs for marking the locations of your favourite Koro, Wahi, or location on the island. Thanks, Nicolas.

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