How to get the LEGO Microgame Castle and Space packs

There LEGO Castle and Space packs for the Microgame – and we’ve spoken to the LEGO and Unity team to find out how fans can unlock them.

Have you tried out the LEGO Microgame yet? It’s a tool that allows you to make your very own LEGO video game for free and without any prior knowledge. What’s more though, if you keep going with it there are extra packs to unlock.

To start with, you get a few basic minifigures and build you can use within your game. To find out everything you need to know about the LEGO Microgame, check out the exclusive interview feature in Issue 78 of Blocks, the ultimate LEGO magazine for fans.

Once you have tried out the standard game, there are also add-on packs that provide new options – Castle, Classic Space and Island Adventures. When speaking to Microgames Product lead Yat Chi Lau and LEGO Games Senior Product Lead Rasmus Harr, we got some inside info on how fans can get these special bonus packs.

Yat Chi: When you go through the LEGO Microgame, you have the option towards the end to build and share the game. What that does – and this is true for all microgames – is that as a creator you can you can post the game that you created onto our website and then people will be able to play your game and then you’ll be able to get feedback on it and keep improving it. You earn additional models so you get to unlock some secret packs, so I highly encourage people to do that.

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Rasmus: The coolest one in my opinion, and that’s up for debate of course, is the LEGO Castle pack that you can only get if you make a game in Unity and share it online. It has a drawbridge and it has some wall, corner and tower sections that actually allows you to build modular castles.

Then you get one of the packs if you modify that game – after you’ve submitted it and shared it then you can modify it further by making the level better or something like that. Then you get the LEGO Space pack, which is inspired by the old LEGO Space. You have a blank spaceship and some really weird music and Benny from The LEGO Movie. You have a whole bunch of other stuff, some aliens and stuff like that.

There is Island Adventures, that’s more like an island pack. You can find all of these easter eggs by basically interacting with We’ve added those in as extras and it’s funny, you’ll see them in some of the games and then people on Twitter ask, ‘where did you get the LEGO Castle?’

Yat Chi Lau: We’re going to continue to create add-on packs. These are additional LEGO models and themes that we’ve made possible. In the past we’ve done some holiday type themes, a winter holiday type theme, we’ve done Halloween. We’ll continue to do these kinds of additional packs so those who want to just focus on making the gameplay and playing with that can benefit from those add on packs, bring them into their world, change the theme and keep focusing on building out their gameplay.

Find out more at the LEGO Microgame in Blocks Issue 78 and let us know what you create with it!

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