Across the Spider-verse with LEGO Marvel 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle

As LEGO Marvel 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle recreates the epic finale of the film, Blocks is web swinging through some of the new set’s references. 

Luring the villains from across the multiverse to the recently renovated Statue of Liberty, each of the Spider-Men prepares to take on their ultimate foes. Armed with science and web-shooting gadgets, only they can stop the multiverse from tearing itself apart, all with a little help from Doctor Strange (though he technically messed up the spell in the first place). 

Considering how this battle wowed fans in the cinemas, it is rather surprising that the LEGO designers have waited well over a year to offer it as a set. So, the recently revealed 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle is likely to prove very popular. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is using the Eye of Agamoto to take a closer look…

The box

Never mentioned by name during the film, the box that Doctor Strange uses to contain his haywire memory spell. It’s more of a glowing green in the film, to hint at the dangerous sorcery inside, but the sand-green looks pretty effective. 

Electro has gone electric 

This is the debut of Electro as a minifigure, certainly based on the films. The only previous version is in 76014 Spider-Trike vs Electro, which was inspired by the comics and had Electro in his fully blue electrified state. The version in 76261 is far more effective, especially with all of its lightning bolt elements. 

Ned can fly now? 

Although he might pinch Doctor Strange’s sling-ring, Ned definitely doesn’t take the Cape of Levitation. As he discovers his new sorcerer powers and helps to get all the Spider-Man versions together, Ned has still got a lot to learn. If he’d tried flying too, then things definitely would have ended in disaster. 

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Spider-Man 1, 2, 3

While the battle across the Statue of Liberty is dramatic and the stakes are intense, having each different era of Spider-Man interacting adds some much needed levity. With each Peter Parker trying to work together as a team, it takes a while for the codenames to successfully stick (pun intended).

Sandman’s hand…

At first glance, it looks like 76261 is missing one of the key villains. Sandman not only wreaks a massive sandstorm around the Statue of Liberty, he nearly drowns Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in a ton of sand too. Unfortunately he’s relegated to just being a brick-built hand in the bottom corner of this model. 

And where is the Lizard?

76261 may come with an impressive line-up of minifigures, but it’s missing a key villain. The Lizard, aka Dr Connors. With Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker cooking up an antidote somehow in a high school chemistry lab, it’s strange that he wasn’t included. Maybe it’s because he had no lines in the film. 

That’s the key details we noticed from the official images, but there are likely going to be more references when 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle hits shelves on August 1. Will you be web slinging into a LEGO Store to pick it up? Let Blocks know on any of our social media channels

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