How Blocks magazine enriches your LEGO life

At Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, our goal is to enrich your LEGO hobby. Every month, we want to deliver something that is different was to take your LEGO life to the next level.

One way that we aim to do this is by bringing features that allow you to go deeper into a LEGO set. When you’re building a model, it can slide into just following the steps as your mind wanders. But if you know a bit more about the subject at hand, the process of building can feel even more satisfying.

For example, 10276 Colosseum is an enjoyable set to build. But what if you knew more about the role of the Colosseum, and amphitheatres more generally, in Roman life? What if you understood their place in history? Then the build becomes even more interesting. As you’re adding a section or piece of decoration, you realise how this relates to the way Roman society was structured. In Issue 76, we heard Dr Milena Melfi at Oxford University, who contextualised the Colosseum.

Another example is in Issue 80 when we heard from animation expert Jerry Beck. The new Looney Tunes Collectible Minifigures are fantastic, but how many of us know much about those characters beyond their appearances in cartoons we watched as children? Understanding why Warner Bros. needed a cast of characters and how they were born in the animation boom gives us a new appreciation for why these characters have endured.

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When it comes to depth, that’s another way that Blocks seeks to give you something that will expand your appreciation of the LEGO world. As a monthly title, we have the time to research topics and really explore them. This means that you can get exclusive, book quality insights within the pages of Blocks each month.

In Issue 81, we present a feature like this to celebrate 25 years of LEGOLAND Windsor. The story of the theme park’s original model shop had never been told before, so we went to the original team to have them share their stories. They explain how model experts from Billund came over to get a UK model shop up and running.

VIDIYO isn’t every fan’s cup of tea, but how a brand new, original LEGO theme is developed is fascinating – especially with the added complications of technology involved. In Issue 78, we heard from the three architects of the AR-enhanced product line, who gave us the full, in-depth story on this year’s new theme.

Then there’s the creative building side. You have thousands and thousands of LEGO bricks in your collection – now what should you do with them? Every month we offer techniques and tips that you might not otherwise think of, showcasing unique building connections and sneaky ways to use elements creatively. Using just a few of these methods will improve your understanding of the system, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Exclusive builds also show ways to use parts and inspires you to try something new – in Issue 77, we showed how to modify 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens in two different ways. Each of those builds, that attach to the set, are presented with step-by-step instructions. That allows you to either follow along exactly or steal some ideas for a MOC (my own creation) of your own.

Perhaps the most important way that Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, enriches your hobby is to remind you that you’re not alone. Each edition showcases incredible builds from other enthusiasts around the world, demonstrating the amazing talent within the LEGO fan community. In Issue 81, we looked at a MOC that recreates a mix of foods with bricks.

Then there’s also the LEGO Life columns, in which Blocks regulars celebrate and lament different aspects of the hobby. It might be enjoying a trip to a LEGO Store, it might be bemoaning the challenge of storing a LEGO collection, but there’s usually something that only a fellow fan can identify with.

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