Get the inside scoop on LEGO DREAMZzz in Blocks magazine Issue 103

If you want to know how the talented creatives at the LEGO Group came up with LEGO DREAMZzz, the ambitious new theme that combines story and creative expression, then you need the latest issue of Blocks magazine.

LEGO DREAMZzz has been announced as a huge new original IP from the LEGO Group, with 10 streaming episodes launching on May 15 and a range of imaginative LEGO sets launching in August.

How did this whole thing come about though? To find out, you’ll need to order Issue 103 of Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine. It contains a deep-dive into the theme with Design Director Cerim Manovi, Design Master Matt Betteker, Senior Creative Manager Tommy Andreasen, Model Designer Freddy Charters and Model Designer Trine Kinch Møller.

The team reveal how this all started three years ago, where the original idea came from, how they defined the dream world, what went into crafting the story… and of course how they dreamcrafted some very imaginative LEGO sets. It’s all illustrated with beautiful concept art, some showcasing directions the team didn’t go in and some with a clear influence on the finished IP.

If you have ever wondered what goes into creating an original LEGO theme, then this is the magazine for you. It will whet your appetite for the sets, which will be released in August, and give you an even greater appreciation for them when you get to build them.

That’s not all of course; Issue 103 also previews LEGO 2K Drive, the new video game that puts players behind the wheel, looks at the amazing fan creations in Summer Joust and tells the story of how the LEGO Group cracked the German market.

If you want this level of LEGO insight every month, then be sure to check out the great value subscription deals that are available. As well as getting the physical magazine, you get a free digital subscription, the magazine early, discounts on select merch and the chance to win a new LEGO prize every month.

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