Five LEGO Harry Potter set ideas that would make perfect freebies

Since the return of LEGO Harry Potter in 2018, there have been several superb small Gift with Purchase (GWP) sets. These sets, which are often a freebie for those who spend over a particular amount at, often depict single locations from the franchise (for example, 40452 Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms or the recent 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase), but there’s also been a buildable object (30628 The Monster Book of Monsters) and a micro-scale build (40289 Diagon Alley). 

This has got Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, thinking about which other GWP sets there could be for this license. The ideas below span from across the Harry Potter books and films, because although there have been many amazing sets over the past few years, there are still opportunities for more to appear.

Troll in the Bathroom

Stalwart fans of the LEGO Harry Potter franchise may well remember 4712 Troll on the Loose from 2002, which was part of the second wave of the theme with the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Looking at the set now, it’s not only the ideal size for a GWP but it’s also high time the set received a modern redo. 

Of course, 76386 Polyjuice Potion Mistake recently gave LEGO fans a Hogwarts-inspired bathroom, but this time the (rather unglamorous) space will need to be somewhat taller to accommodate the Troll (brick-built is more likely for the GWP). Maybe there can be a play feature that allows one toilet cubicle to be destroyed; another might let the club be dropped on the troll’s head by the earnest Ron Weasley minifigure. This would be an incredibly nostalgic GWP that captures a scene that’s frankly overdue for a remake 20 years after the original build.

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Chamber of the winged keys 

The five challenges that lead towards the climax of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone have recently been captured somewhat in recent LEGO sets – 76387 Fluffy Encounter had the titular beast, the potions test and a disappointing devil’s snare section, whilst 76392 Wizard’s Chess beautifully captured another challenge.

One challenge that’s been conspicuously missing however is the chamber of the winged keys. This set has been seen before in LEGO form (2001’s 4704 The Room of the Winged Keys) but not for a while. The set would not be dissimilar to the recent Grand Staircase set – a tall interior corner building would be decorated with lots of flying keys on the wall; there will also be multiple spaces to place transparent shafts, knobs and handles so that a dynamic scene in which the trio need to find the key that will let them into the next task can be created. 

One-Eyed Witch Statue

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4751-1.jpg

Moving away from The Philosopher’s Stone, another set that could be remade into a GWP is 4751 Harry and the Marauder’s Map from 2004. The set is based on the Prisoner of Azkaban film and book, in which Harry learns of a secret passageway to get into Hogsmeade from inside Hogwarts. 

The set would have a neat play feature in the form of the receding statue to reveal the passage underneath, which would also be more detailed than before. Paying homage to the original would also allow for the split-level design, which doesn’t really work with the modular build (although it didn’t stop 76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets). Equally, the statue allows for an exclusive ‘minifigure’ without the set having to actually provide an exclusive minifigure, as seen with the Fat Lady’s appearance in the Grand Staircase set.  

Dolores Umbridge’s Office

Few scenes from the Harry Potter franchise are as menacing as the one in The Order of the Phoenix when Umbridge uses her Black Quill to punish Harry, so why not have this darker scene come as a GWP? You want a GWP to be distinctive, and the office of Dolores Umbridge would certainly be that with its saccharinely pink drapes. There’s also been enough Umbridge minifigures in recent years so that another version here wouldn’t feel too exclusive. 

The pink colour-scheme would be interesting, but there can also other printed pieces in the form of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes contraband. The Grand Staircase is a sticker-heavy GWP, and no doubt this will follow suit with all of the cat pictures that, er, decorate Umbridge’s office.

Department of Mysteries 

Of course, it’s always tempting to stay in Hogwarts for Harry Potter sets, but, as proven by the newest summer wave, it’s clear that the franchise needs to go beyond the School’s walls if it wants to stay fresh. Why not, then, expand the Ministry of Magic. There’s already a diminutive Hall of Prophecy, but the open atrium where the Order of the Phoenix battle the Death Eaters would also be exciting. 

This GWP would work as an add on to 76403 The Ministry of Magic with two separate rooms. The first would be an expanded Hall of Prophecy, again with falling shelves but with prophecies that fall off; the second is a rocky outcrop with the Veil archway through which a defeated Sirius Black falls. Many of the GWP listed above have avoided exclusive minifigures, but this set will have a generic Death Eater minifigure to duel against Sirius Black… this won’t be the set for army building, but it will certainly be an appealing one! 

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