Fan-selected LEGO Star Wars UCS 75309 Republic Gunship set is unveiled

The highly anticipated LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75309 Republic Gunship has been unveiled.

Fans can get a look at the new LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) 75309 Republic Gunship, which they voted for last year. The Gunship beat out the Nebulon Frigate and TIE Bomber, getting 58% of all votes cast.

It’s based on the vehicle’s appearance in Attack of the Clones and comes with two minifigures – Mace Windu and a Clone Trooper Commander. As is typical for UCS sets, there’s a buildable display stand too.

75309 Republic Gunship

Theme: Star Wars
UK Price: £329.99
USA Price: $349.99
Piece count: 3,292
Minifigures: 2
Release date: August 1

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The model has a massive 74cm wingspan, with its 3,292 pieces making it the most detailed version of the Clone Trooper carrier ever released by the LEGO Group. To keep it stable, a hefty Technic frame runs through the model.

‘Our fans are always coming up with concepts and ideas for the LEGO Star Wars range – so it was great to give them the opportunity to let their voices be heard and choose the next UCS set,’ says Creative Lead Jens Kronvold Frederiksen. ‘There is always an enormous responsibility to deliver a quality design, and the set that Hans has crafted is a triumph, particularly the size. We knew our fans would want to display this model but we didn’t want to compromise on the scale versus the ability to exhibit it. I can’t wait to see how the fans incorporate the set into their Star Wars collections.’

A mistake on the packaging means that the first batch of boxes feature the Empire rather than Republic logo, but this will be corrected for future production runs. ‘Basically the dark side blurred our vision and we used the Galactic Empire logo,’ joked Senior Marketing Manager Ivan Podryadchykov. ‘Luckily this infiltration didn’t affect the actual model, the symbol is correct on it. We believe that you should see the Republic Gunship in the right updated packaging as early as December, in some cases as late as February, depending on the region and demand.’

The set has been added to the LEGO 2021 checklist.

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