Custom Corner: The Green Knight

This week, Custom Corner spotlights a challenging but rewarding type of LEGO minifigure customisation – sculpting. It’s used to bring the Green Knight to life in a way that suits the character perfectly.

Sculpting is one of the most challenging ways to customise a minifigure, but offers some of the best-looking results. Kyle (@brickophilia) is one of the most talented sculptors out there, and his Green Knight figure, based on the recent film adaptation of the Arthurian legend, is one of the best examples of that. It features an incredibly intricate and beautifully painted head sculpt that perfectly captures his design in a way that no official LEGO element does.

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The shoulder pad, cloak, chainmail, chest plate, skirt, wrist guards and letter are also sculpted, and the figure’s torso and limbs have been extended so he stands taller than a normal minifigure, as he does in the movie. The paint job is also incredible, showcasing a wide range of textures and weathering effects. Altogether, this makes for a stunning figure, and one of Kyle’s best. If you like the figure check out @brickophilia on Instagram, pretty much all of his figures are worthy of being highlighted.

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