Custom Corner: Black Krrsantan (The Book of Boba Fett)

The Book of Boba Fett has featured cameos from many beloved Star Wars characters, but unfortunately not all of those characters have official minifigures. This week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, showcases a custom painted figure of one of the most surprising cameos – Black Krrsantan.

Krrsantan was first introduced in the modern Marvel comics and made his live-action debut as part of the Disney+ series. This figure, by @dylanallthemost, features a lot of custom sculpted elements. The head sculpt is very reminiscent of LEGO’s official wookiee figures, and unlike those figures, the impressive fur texture covers Krrsantan’s whole body. Even the hands feature this design, along with his iconic knuckledusters. The wrists have been extended, as have the arms and legs, making him tower over a standard-sized minifigure as he does in the show. The figure is painted black with grey highlights, mimicking Krrsantan’s unique look.

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Any Krrsantan figure would be incomplete without his gladiatorial armour, and this one is no exception. His double bandolier and spiked shoulder pads look perfect, and even include the designs on the hexagonal plates on his chest and back, even though the latter is hidden behind his hair braid. The attention to detail on this figure is exceptional, even including details like his eye scar, the pouch on the back of his belt, and his toes, none of which have been very visible in the show so far. It’s details like that make @dylanallthemost‘s figures really stand out – all of which are definitely worth checking out.

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