Build a LEGO Gingerbread Man Christmas decoration

Do you want to get creative with your holiday decorations this year? Then why not build some LEGO ornaments! This Gingerbread Man can be built, adapted and then hung from the Christmas tree.

There’s nothing better than getting creative at Christmas. The great thing about building LEGO holiday decorations is that anyone can do it, so you can share this activity with family and friends.

Here are official LEGO instructions showing how to build a LEGO Gingerbread Man decoration that can be hung from the Christmas tree.

See those decorated 1×1 tiles? They are from the LEGO DOTS theme and are only available in one pack, so it’s a good idea to switch them out for something else from your collection.

To make the image bigger click on it, then right-click on it and save the image to make it easier to use.

Be sure to customise your character as you see fit and share a picture with Blocks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For every LEGO Christmas decoration shared using the #BuildtoGive hashtag, a LEGO set will be donated by the Danish company to a child in need. There are more ornaments to build here; Rocket Sleigh, Gingerbread Man, Holiday Gift and Happy Holiday Puppy.

Have you seen the new Blocks Christmas Minifigure? It’s another perfect LEGO decoration for your home this Christmas! We’ve also got a whole list of suggestions for Blocks gifts you can buy for the LEGO fan in your life.

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