BrickLink Designer Program offers second chance for LEGO Ideas models

If there are LEGO Ideas builds that you really wanted to own but they didn’t get approved, the BrickLink Designer Program may provide that opportunity.

After trying the AFOL Designer Program in 2019, before the LEGO Group brought BrickLink in-house, a new version of the scheme is launching – the BrickLink Designer Program. This time, rejected LEGO Ideas product ideas that reached 10,000 votes but didn’t get approved will be offered out to fans.

How does the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program work?

  • 31 fan projects are offered for pre-order
  • Between June 1 and August 10, pre-orders are open
  • The first 13 fan builds to reach their crowdfunding goal will go into production
  • From September onwards, the sets will be manufactured
  • The LEGO sets will be delivered from November onwards

To get Blocks every month – at a discount and earlier than the shops – order a 12-month or 24-month subscription. Direct debit payment options are available too; to find out more get in touch via

Of the 31 models available to pre-order, only the 13 that reach their crowdfunding goals will be released as actual LEGO sets. The other 18 will be released as digital instructions, but with fans having to source their own pieces. Unlike the LEGO Ideas process, these sets won’t go through the hands of professional LEGO model designers, but will be designed only by their fan creators.

At the moment, the fan designers are tweaking their models so that they fit the criteria for the BrickLink Designer Program. On June 1, everyone will be able to pre-order their favourite models and help them reach the requisite crowdfunding target.

The finished sets will start to arrive in November.

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