Blocks magazine Issue 78 includes LEGO VIDIYO, Technic and UFO exclusives

The new issue of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is going behind-the-scenes to find out how LEGO VIDIYO was created as well as reviewing new Technic sets and going back to the classic UFO subtheme.

You can buy Blocks magazine Issue 78 now, before it arrives in UK shops on Thursday, April 1. Subscribers will be receiving their advance copies within the next few days.

Each year sees new LEGO themes launch, but none will be as unique in 2021 as LEGO VIDIYO. To find out how this absolutely bonkers new music video maker was developed, Blocks hears directly from the creatives behind it – design leaders Will Thorogood, Morgan Walker and Ross Christopher Haynes. Whether you’re fully embracing the augmented reality zaniness or eyeing it sceptically, its journey from idea to finished product is fascinating.

There’s also the LEGO Microgame making waves in the technology arena, with the powerful Unity game making engine now accessible to complete beginners thanks to the LEGO brick. This exclusive feature reveals just how those bricks are the perfect way to get to grips with coding.

One of the amazing uses of technology at the LEGO Group is audio and braille instructions, which are making sets accessible to people with vision impairments. It didn’t started off not using artificial intelligence though, but as a personal passion project. Matthew Shifrin shares his incredible story in an extended interview.

Blocks is giving away three LEGO car sets – 10295 Porsche 911, 42122 Jeep Wrangler and 42124 Off-Road Buggy! To be entered into the latest prize draw, save money and get Blocks magazine delivered early every month – check out the money-saving subscription deals available.

Blocks magazine Issue 78 has a behind-the-scenes LEGO VIDIYO exclusive

In the Review section there’s something for everyone, from the new 18+ Porsche 911 to the new Technic off-roaders. Actually, they’re all cars – but the critical eye is also cast over Star Wars, NINJAGO, Friends and… VIDIYO – you can find out what the Blocks team thinks of the newest LEGO experiment.

Rather than relentlessly focus on the new though, Blocks also looks back at the old and recalls the UFO subtheme that was part of Space. Flying saucers, amazing green colours and detailed minifigures are all revisited before full instructions are provided for a modern take on a classic set.

As ever, the issue’s 116 pages are packed full of LEGO content – there’s also a guide to making minifigure scale pianos, a look at the LEGO Minecraft game that never was and the hottest debate of them all – is it LEGO or LEGOs? Regular sections include Month in MOCs, Ideas Showcase, Piece Perception, This LEGO Life, Hot Topic, LUG Spotlight and more.

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