Blocks magazine freezes print subscription prices

With increased printing costs, the cover price of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, will increase with Issue 93 – but print subscription prices will remain frozen for those who want to get a great deal.

Unfortunately, costs associated with the printing of Blocks magazine have increased significantly over the past two years. The cost of paper in particular has been rising quickly and while Silverback Publishing has absorbed the increases over the past year, it is now necessary to adjust the cover price from £5.99 to £6.49.

To avoid this increase you can take out a print subscription to Blocks magazine – the price of print subscriptions will remain frozen until at least the end of August. This is an opportunity to lock in the current price. If you still have time left on your current your subscription, you can even extend it early at the current price to beat any future increases (if you have any questions about when your subscription period ends, please contact

This makes a print subscription the absolute best value way to get Blocks magazine. Here is how it works out compared to the new, increased price:

  • UK – a 12 month subscription is £59.00 including delivery, almost £19 cheaper than buying each issue in the shop. A 24 month subscription saves £45 compared to buying in the shop.
  • Europe – a 12 month subscription is £89.00 including delivery, which means there’s a premium of just 90p per issue for delivery. In the case of a 24 month subscription, delivery works out at just 60p per issue.
  • Rest of the world – a 12 month subscription is £110, which works out at £2.68 delivery cost per issue. With a 24 month subscription, delivery works out at £2.26 per issue.

In addition to the 12 or 24 magazines delivered, all print subscribers get the following perks:

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